The Thunder Rolled……..

UPDATED 8/28/14

At 7:00 tonight the kids went outside to feed their cats and dog.  When they came back in the house, the dog, Nick, came with them.  Now for some this is very normal, but for us the dog does not come in the house, he is a farm dog and thus stays outside or in the garage.  So, why did Nick decide to come inside?  Thunder.  Yup. Thunder.  The kids heard it.  Nick heard it and Nick is not a fan of thunder, thus the coming inside the house and wanting to stay in the mudroom.  So after getting Nick out of the mudroom, I hurried outside and sure enough I heard thunder and saw this………

Someone to the North of us got rain!  Anyone getting rain right now is a blessing!  Wish it would have stayed together and come on to the south, but non the less it rained somewhere.  While I was outside I did get some pictures of the evening sky.


Tessa wanted to be in a picture, so I had her stand by my new ear of corn that I got at the Amana Colonies in Iowa last week.  More about that to come soon, but what do you think of my corn?  Looks good, right?


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