Hog Heaven!

So it is dry.  Ok, really dry.  What do you do when it is this dry?  Well, you stop watering the grass and flowers, you conserve water where ever you can, you don’t fill the swimming pool, but you make sure the sows have a nice water hole to stay cool in.

I remember a lot of things from my youth growing up.  I do not remember however my dad ever putting water in the water hole for the pigs.  NEVER.   Probably because he never had to.  When you have a year like this, you wind up doing things you don’t usually do or have never had to do to keep your livestock comfortable.  These old gals were truly in Hog Heaven when he put the hose out and let the water flow.

My dad is one of very few who have a small farrow to finish hog operation here in our county.  He has raised hogs for at least 40 years.  I think that is one reason he still does.  He has been doing this for so long, he does not know how to stop.  These gals in the pictures are some of his sows who are getting ready to farrow.  Since they have farrowed (given birth) before they are called sows.  Right now they are really dirty, but this is how they keep cool.  Pigs don’t sweat.  So they use water and mud to keep their bodies cool.  Before they give birth they will be cleaned up and disinfected so that their babies are born in a clean healthy environment.  Until that time though, they get to play in the mud and know that as long as it stays HOT they will have a mud hole to lay in because their farmer cares very much about them.

What are some things you have done differently this summer because of the heat?

Blessings to You,

Laurie – Country Link


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