Kick Off Meeting in Iowa City, IA

For the past four years at the end of July we take a trip with the Burrus Family for the annual kick off to the sales season.  This year it was to Iowa City, Iowa.  Now usually it is just me and my husband who go, but this year we all went.  It was a good trip and it was great to see everyone!  Only problem is now I have had a head cold ever since and can not seem to get over it.  Ughhh!

We got to Iowa City last Thursday before lunch and got checked into the hotel.  We were in the down town area near the campus.  Lots of college students around and Hawkeyes everywhere.  (This girl is a MU Tiger fan all the way!)

They guys were there to work and get things set up for dealers to come in the next day, so the kids and I made our selves scarce and headed to the pool.  We mainly had the whole place to ourselves and the kids had a blast swimming and jumping in.  They have been taking swimming lesson the month of July and it has really paid off.

These are a few pictures from their fun in the pool.

After swimming we rested for a bit, cleaned up and headed outside to the playground that was right outside the hotel.  This was really neat!  They put a playground right in the middle of this court-yard surrounded by little businesses.  We went at least three times and every time there were kids out there playing.  You could not of asked for nicer weather last week while we were there.  Temps stayed in the 80’s and there was a nice breeze most days.

The main highlight of the whole trip was Friday night when after dinner and some dealer awards we had a wonderful speaker/comedian/artist.  His name is Brett Eastburn and I will never forget him or his story.  Here is his website and if you have time I highly recommend that you visit his site to learn more:  Brett was born with no arms or legs and feels that “I’m Not Missing Anything”, which also happens to be the title of his book.  His program was wonderful!  He made us laugh, he made us think and in the end he had us all believing that we can do anything.  Kind of like me starting this blog.  I really think I can do this.

Here is Mr. Brett during his program.

Mr. Brett played basketball in highschool as well as football, baseball, soccer, swimming and wrestling.

Here you can see that he is getting ready to break a board with one of his arms.  It took three attempts because I was the crazy lady in the corner snapping away with her high-speed camera trying to get “the” shot.  He was a good sport about it and when I stopped snapping away, he broke it clean through.

After it was all over he took the time to sign books and even took a picture with the kids.  The great thing about his program is that it was age appropriate for all three of my children and they loved getting to meet him and visit for a while.

The rest of the trip was just as good with a visit to the Amana Colonies with all of the Burrus wives.

Blessings to You,

Laurie – Country Link

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