*This is a mostly true story of four cousins who went on an adventure this morning and lived to tell/write about it.  No animals or children were truly hurt in the tale.  Please enjoy!


Our Journey began with a Guide – Kmae, a Brave Archer – Wyatt, a Millionaire Explorer – Rich, a Diva – T.J. and the Camera Woman.  Following behind was a big annoying red lion and a friendly mountain lion.

We took the gravel path 1000 miles to  the Hay Stack Mountains.

Right before we reached the mountains, Kmae got bit by a PUMA.  Archer Wyatt shot it with his bow and it ran away.

We then began climbing the mountains which were very bouncy and everyone jumped from mountain top to mountain top.  Everyone except the Diva.  She played with the red lion.

Rich, the millionaire Explorer was the best jumper and jumped the world record.

After leaving the mountains, we crossed the Great Ditch.  Diva was a little scared, so Camera Woman carried her across.


After the Great Ditch we crossed the Dry Rapids and came to the very Dry Pasture.


It was a long, hot journey and the vultures circled ahead.

Lightning was soon upon us, but we ducked and quickly crossed the Great Wall of Metal.


Our journey was coming to an end, so Rich asked us to reside at his castle in the forest and stay for a while.

Popsicle were had by all.

And so our story ends.  The Camera Woman was lost somewhere along the way.


Authors:  Wyatt, Kendall and Drew


8 comments on “THE GRAND ADVENTURE

  1. Carrie says:

    Nice! Good to see the Locals are keeping the City Kid entertained! (Have fun in whatever world you currently reside in your head!) Love ya!

  2. Pat Wood says:

    Greatly enjoyed your story. Write some more kids. I will read it.

  3. Carol Ann says:

    How fun! Miss you all!

  4. Don Rhoads says:

    Terrific job and wonderful pictures that tell a great story. i always told Seth he married up!

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  6. […] (and cousins) come for a visit. Their friends love coming to the farm.  Where else do you get to climb on hay bales, pick sweet corn or take muddy adventures? Not anywhere else I know of then the family farm.  Now […]

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