The Boys are Away………..The Girls do Chores

The boys (Wyatt and Gpa) decided to take Seth to the State Fair yesterday to see the Truck and Tractor Pull.  The girls decided to stay home and take it easy.  I am almost over this summer head cold and did not want to be set back any more, so staying home was my only option.  Being that we were home, we got to do the evening chores for Gpa.

Evening chores are pretty simple:  Feed the fatting calves, feed the gilts and feed the sows in the farrowing house.  Since it was such a beautiful night, we took our time and just enjoyed the evening.  The girls are wearing sweatshirts and stocking caps because for once the temps stayed in the 70’s!


The girls love to help, well they love to play in the feed cart and ride the four-wheeler.  They are not yet big enough to help, but believe me they know how Gpa does his chores and you had better do them the same way.

We also stopped in to see Rose.  Rose is Wyatt’s purebred Duroc gilt that he purchased as part of his 4-H Swine project.  His plan is to breed her and raise a litter of pigs so that he can show them next summer at the fair.  We will see how this all goes.  Showing is something that I did for many years, but not something that I want to push my kids into.  If they want to great!  If not, than that is ok too.  So far Wyatt seems to really enjoy it and did a great job being responsable with both of his pigs.   He also showed a market hog, Ty.

On the way back to our house, I took some pictures of the corn field with the sun hitting it and the beautiful blue sky behind.  It was such a pretty night!!

The girls then checked on the beans to see how they were doing and posed for a quick picture.  I love capturing their smiles!

I even got a call this morning from Gpa thanking me for doing chores and said that everything looked good.  So the next time the boys are away, guess who gets the call!

Blessings to You,

Laurie – Country Link


3 comments on “The Boys are Away………..The Girls do Chores

  1. Great blog, I have read several posts, will be back to ‘stalk’ again soon! Check mine out sometime as well, I am not always real consistent with posting but am always striving to ‘do better’ 🙂

    • Glad you checked me out! Still new at this so give me a little time. 🙂 Loved the post about the State Fair. I showed sheep and cattle at the fair years ago and showing is one of my favorite memories.

  2. […] I am going to tell you more about Wyatt’s pig, Rose.  I introduced her to you in my post “The Boys are Away……….The Girls do Chores”.  Now you will get the more of the story, so we will start at the […]

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