A Good Day for All

My oldest two started school again yesterday.  Hard to believe it is that time of year.  They both had the best day!!  All smiles when they got off of the school bus last night and ready to go again this morning.

Me and the youngest had a good day too.  I was a little worried that she might miss brother and sister, but I don’t think so.  We spent the day working in the house, visiting with the cows, swinging and playing play dough and no one was here to boss her around.  A good day for us as well.

When their dad got home he heard all about their day and then put them to work.  Not really “work”, but he did have a job for us, helping to move the bulldozer.

The bulldozer was a winter project of Seth’s that spilled into the spring and then part of the summer.  A very BIG project.  He learned to run and operate a bulldozer on this very one.  It was his Grand dad’s and when he had the opportunity to buy it, he did.  So now we have a dozer and he gets to play in the dirt.  My job is to watch him play and throw the tires when he has to move it across the highway.

Did you know that you move large equipment with old tires?  Don’t worry, I did not know it either.  You put them over things like highways/black tops so that the tracks don’t mark up the road.  Works pretty good and we got the job done without slowing down any traffic.

Now that the dozer was moved across the black top, he had to then drive it up through the fields to the pasture where he is going to take out a small pond and fence row for my dad.  See this works good because Seth loves running the dozer and my dad needs lots of little projects done.

The kids took the long way around with Gpa to help with chores and I got to drive the truck by myself to the pasture.   A few minutes to yourself looking at God’s creation, it is always appreciated.

Once to the pond, it was time to scout the area and pull steal posts that were around it.  This little pound has been dry for a while and the cows in this pasture don’t use it.  It is hard for them to get to and is not a reliable source for water, so dad wants it gone and then seeded to grass for additional pasture.

The kids enjoyed checking the beans the most.  They had to see how tall they were.  In this field they were very tall!  In places over Wyatt’s head!  Don’t know yet what type of yields we might have, but the plants looked good here and there is a good chance of rain this weekend.  Sending up prayers that the weather man is finally right.

In all a great day for this Country Family and we would not have it any other way!

Blessings to You,

Laurie – Country Link


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