25 Years in the Making

My dad has talked about building a cabin in the timber for 25 years now.  There is a small pond on the back 40 (as we like to call it) that is a nice little fishing hole and he has wanted to have a cabin there for camping.  We have fished the little pond, he has had a deer stand there, but no cabin has been built.  So…………………..after about 25 years it is happening!!

You never know why some things take so long to transpire.  Maybe the timing is not right, or there is not enough interest at the right time, or maybe the right time was waiting for a very persistent 11-year-old to come along.  My nephew Drew can be very persistent.  It pays off as the saying goes.



The first day of construction consisted of setting the base posts.  We like to repurpose materials around here and used old telephone poles to build the cabin on.  This thing is six feet off the ground!!  Two reasons why; one being that it can purpose as a hunting blind and two so that the cows and hogs that roam the timber won’t take a liking to it and want to use it as their home.  The bulls came and checked it out a time or two.  As you can see all of the kids were on hand to help.  This was the kick off to a week-long visit for Drew.  He was one of the authors in The Grand Adventure that was posted a few weeks back.

The second weekend of construction saw lots of progress with the floor being finished, steps being installed and two walls going up.  My husband and brother-in-law put in a hard days work to get that all done and then went to the hay-field for Hauling Hay.  The things we do for family!

The third weekend showed the most progress made with walls done, rafters up and tin put on as the roof.  Yup a tin roof!!  Love the sound of rain on a tin roof.

A week ago the windows and door were set and things are really looking good!  Just need one or two more weekends and this 25 year project will be done!

My Brother-in-law posed for this picture only because I promised it would go on the blog.  He, my sister and husband have worked really hard to see this project through.  Hats off to them!

Blessings to You,

Laurie – Country Link


5 comments on “25 Years in the Making

  1. Amanda Gerstberger says:

    You have more fans in this household. Brian got to read your posts tonight & enjoyed them and the boys like the pictures of their friends. They are all excited to get to see the cabin the next time we come! Keep the posts comin 🙂 Amanda

  2. Melody says:

    Great job. No a place to get away from it all and not too far too go.

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