Family, Fun and Faces

Wow!  What a weekend!  First off we got rain and not just a little, almost four inches!  It was a wonderful sight.  Second we got to see lots of family and celebrate a new marriage.  We love it when we get to see family.  And third it was Labor Day!  A day to celebrate all of the hardworking men and women out there.

The rain started Friday late morning and did not stop until Saturday afternoon.  It came down as a nice gentle rain.  No high winds, hail or even lightning.  Just a good soaker.  (As I am writing this late Monday night, it is beginning to rain again!)

Saturday we loaded up and left the COUNTRY for the big city.  It was the day of Seth’s cousins wedding and what a beautiful wedding it was!  The bride was beautiful, the church was lovely, the music breath-taking, the groom handsome and the kids were on their best behavior.  It was the adults we had to worry about at times.

This is Emily and Brian.  Emily is a country girl from mid-Missouri who decided to go to law school in New Orleans, LA.  She loved it down there and found a love too, Brian.  He is also a lawyer and a native of Louisiana.  Together they make a wonderful couple and we wish them all the best!

I did not get many pictures of the ceremony, but took lots at the reception.  This is one picture that I made a point to take.  It is of the trumpet player, Brian’s brother-in-law.  He was wonderful!  He brought the feel of Louisiana into the church with the way he played.

After all the hugs and handshakes, it was on to the reception!






What a wonderful Family!  What wonderful Fun we had!  What wonderful Faces we saw!

After spending time with family, it was back home to spend Labor Day at home taking it easy.  Well, not really taking it easy, but spending it at home with my husband and kids, wonderful.

Blessing to You and of course the newlyweds,

Laurie – Country Link

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2 comments on “Family, Fun and Faces

  1. J. Rhoades says:

    Yay for the rain! We had a wedding as well this weekend – my grandpa got married!

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