Hide and Seek?

The baby calves have arrived!!  32 so far to be exact!  Things are going good and the weather has been cooperating.  It is nice to see them up and about.  Well, that is when their mama’s aren’t having them play hide and seek.

Do calves really hide? Yes, yes they do.  Trust me I spent a good hour yesterday seeking two calves and never did find them.  Don’t worry, they have been found, but it was not until this morning.  And yes they had been hid by their mama’s.

Here is what happens:  A baby calf is born, the mama cleans it off, it stands up and nurses for the first time.  Once it has its legs under it, then mama introduces it where it is going to live.  Now here is where the hiding part begins.  Mama cows hide their babies for a few reasons.  One being to irritate the farmer/rancher who checks the herd every day to make sure nothing has happened to any of the calves.  (Ok, that is not really true, but it sure feels like it at times.)

Cows hide calves to keep them safe and to help keep them protected from the elements.  This mainly happens in the first few weeks after they are born.  *Disclaimer time:  I am not basing this on any scientific research, but my years of watching and being around cattle.  I like to watch the cows out in the pasture and have picked up on their habits and tendencies.

The calves are hidden many places.  Sometimes in plain sight and other times in tall weeds or fence rows.  Finding them can be tricky, just like it was for me yesterday.  Other times you just need a sharp eye and you can seek them out where they lay.

The most amazing part about this “game” of hide and seek is that the mama’s never forget where they leave the babies and the babies stay there until they are called.

Next time you play hide and seek, think about the mama cow and her reasons for playing the game.

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link


4 comments on “Hide and Seek?

  1. J. Rhoades says:

    I’ve spent a few stressful evenings trying to find calves as well! What a great idea for a post!

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  3. […] With school back in swing, things have began to settle down here in the Country.  We have gotten some rain, some heat and our first baby calf of the calving season!  The calves are coming and with it comes hide and seek. […]

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