Building Fence

Fall is my favorite time of year!  I love seeing the changing of colors, picking apples, the harvesting and seeing all of the new baby calves.  Awwww………………………..what a wonderful time of year.

With this time of year also comes lots of jobs on the farm.  One of these being building fence.  For some this may seem like an odd time of year, but for us harvest has stalled so that leaves time to get a job like this done.  And it is a job!

The kids had an early out day from school on Wednesday, so when they got home they did their homework, changed into work clothes and we headed to the pasture to help with the fence.  (Yes, my kids do their homework as soon as they get home from school.  That is to make sure it is done so that if we do have something going on, then the homework is finished.)

Gpa had the corner posts set and was getting ready to lay the wire out to make a nice straight fence when we arrived.  This fence is going to be made with hedge posts and woven wire.  Hedge trees make great fence posts and will last for years.  Did you know hedge balls, the “fruit” from a hedge tree can be placed in your basement or garage to detract spiders?  True.  And it really works.


Next it was time to mark where the posts would go.  Kendall and Tessa helped with this.  They did pretty good holding the tape and I am almost sure the posts are 12 feet apart.


The kids really wanted to get into one of the holes after it was dug.  Since I am a cool country mama, and because I did the same thing when I was their age, we let each one get into a hole that was not deeper than they were tall.  The kids are good workers, but they are still kids and need to play and have fun.  We want to instill in them a good work ethic and to know that you have to work hard to achieve your goals.  As you can see we do try to have fun while we work, but safety is also number one and if I know it is not safe, then the kids are not allowed to do it.

Now after all the holes were dug, Wyatt was a very big help with this job, on to setting the posts.  This is where my pictures stop, because I was on tamping duty and did not have a chance to take any more until we were done.  You are now asking, “What is tamping?”.  It is the repetitive motion of pushing or tapping the dirt around the post in your post hole.  The dirt is compacted around the post and thus holds it in place.  This is how all wood posts are set on our farm.  This is not the only way to set posts, just the preference of Gpa and because he likes to help me build up my arm muscles.

In all we set 23 hedge posts, which happens to be half way on this stretch of fence.  Many more to go and then the wire will be added.  Not a bad days work for three kids ages eight, six and three, a Gpa, a hired hand and a mama.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link


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