Our Farm Boy

Last month I did a post about Farm Girls, my farm girls.  This post is about our son.  Our farm boy who today turned nine years old.

He is a hard-working, sweet, determined, responsible young man.  He is also ornery, silly, and a kidder, (all traits I feel he got from his father).

When it comes to farm work, he wants a job.  He does not like watching, but wants to “participate” in what is going on, (this he totally got from me).

I am sure that some of you have a very special farm boy in your life.  Take a minute and think about all the things that make him who he is.  For no matter what he becomes, he will always know that he is a farm boy and for that he will be thankful.

Here are some other Farm Boys you might enjoy reading about:

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Blessings to you and all farm boys out there, young or old,

Laurie – Country Link


5 comments on “Our Farm Boy

  1. J. Rhoades says:

    Your farm boy is super cute (but I’m guessing he probably wouldn’t appreciate that statement)!

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks for the mention! Honored to be in such great company with Ryan, and the Petersons. My latest blog post is simply a picture of my son. He’s almost 3 and loves the combine. He tells me how to run it, and he’s right when he does!

    • Thank you for the blogging that you do Brian. So important to tell others the story of agriculture. You won’t find me getting to technical about farming, so I appreciate your and Ryan’s blogs. The kids are either in the trucks or in the combine. My three year old has all ready logged quite a few hours “driving” the combine this season.

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