Trick to Treating??

For us Halloween is that one time a year that you get to dress up in fun costumes and go and see your neighbors for no reason other than that they have candy and they are willing to share.  And let me tell you, they are VERY good at sharing.  So good that we only have to go to 10 houses and we have enough candy to last for months.  Here is how Trick or Treating happens in the COUNTRY.

First costumes are made or assembled from things that we have, need or will use again.  My Kendall wanted to be a rabbit.  I found a set of ears and a fluffy white tail at the store.  We then bought a plain white sweatshirt in her size, a women’s 5X white sweatshirt and some pink fleece.  The pink fleece was cut into an oval and sewn to the front of her sized sweatshirt for a nice fuzzy pink tummy.  The 5X sweatshirt?  Well, I soon learned that white sweatpants are very, very hard to come by.  So we used the 5X one as “fabric” and made her a pair of pants.  Worked out pretty good and was cheaper than a yard of fabric.

Tessa thought a bumblebee sounded good.  So to the store we went to get black and yellow fabric for her and some tulle to make her wings.  Her little costume went together really fast and was a cinch to make.  All we added to it was some black pants,a black jacket and a homemade pair of antenna.  Oh, and of course black eyeliner to give her that cute black nose.

Wyatt was harder this year.  At first he told me he wanted to be some Star Wars guy that I had never heard of and could not figure out how to make.  Then one day a few weeks before Halloween he comes home and says, “Hey mom, Maggie is going to be a cop.  Can I be a robber?”  Why, yes, yes you can!  Something I knew we could pull off.  All his took was black clothing, hat and gloves, a black mask and a “money bag”.  The bag was actually made from a sampling bag that seed corn companies use to gather samples of their corn varieties.  I just added a felt dollar sign and he was good to go.

Now that we have costumes, it is time for Trick or Treating!!  Our closest neighbor is almost a mile away, (that is if you go by the gravel road) so we tend to travel to see all of our “neighbors”, near and far.  I like to start around 5:00 in the evening so that we have time to get everywhere, do a little visiting and be back to Gpa’s and Gma’s to have supper at a decent time.

We started on our usual path, took a detour to the bean field real quick so that Dad could see how they looked, and then we were back on track.   Every now and then we did run into other trick or treaters at houses, but mostly we are out there on our own.  This year we did drive into town to hit a couple of houses.  Boy, that was crazy!!  Kids, parents and cars everywhere!

It took us a little over 2 hours to stop at 11 houses, one bean field and then to end up at the Grandparents house.

And THIS is how much candy the kids ended up with!

It is probably good that Halloween only comes once a year, because there is no TRICK to TREATING here in the COUNTRY.

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link


3 comments on “Trick to Treating??

  1. J. Rhoades says:

    Great pictures Laurie! This reminds me of when I was a kid my mom always made our costumes with sweatshirts & sweatpants decorated on top!

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