Gift Giving Ideas this Holiday Season

What to give, what to give?  Ever find it hard to find the perfect gift for that loved one?  Or the school bus driver?  Or the Sunday school teacher?

Hopefully this post will give you some ideas and help to jump-start your gift giving plans.  Below are some things that I have given or gotten over the holidays and places that I like to shop for country kids big and small.

John Deere Dealership  

From the site.

Yes it is true, every year I go to the John Deere “Store”, as my kids like to call it, to purchase something for someone on my list.  Believe it or not there are many gifts to find in most dealerships.  Items include: clothing, toys, ornaments,  games, bikes and for the big kid in the household, tools and parts.  Items do have to have a visual price tag on them for me to purchase them.  Nothing in the lot or out front for instance has a price tag on it.

Mama Jane’s Creations  

This is a wonderful gift idea for anyone on your list.  Male, female, teacher, coach, mother-in-law, you name it and Mama Jane has something for them!  Mama Jane decided after retiring from teaching that she would try something new.  So she dabbled in making mixes and rubs and all things wonderful.  Out of that came Mama Jane’s Creations which she has formed into a family business.   She has Beer Bread, Cappuccino Mix, Soup Mix, Sweet and Sassy Creation Mixes, Savory Creation Mixes and a wonderful Chicken Salad mix.  If you like pretzels, then you will love her mixes to make flavored pretzels.  Strawberry is the best!

Yes, I am an Amazon shopper.  I don’t do all of my shopping here, but when I am needing something and have no way of getting to a store, then I head to the computer and Amazon.  The great thing about this site is that they really do have things that country kids and adults do want.  When I could not find the Lego Farm sets, Amazon had them.  We had one very happy little man two Christmas’s ago when he got a Lego Tractor.  Other things I buy here are books, movies and Wii games.

Orschelns Farm and Home

Do you have one of these near you?  If you don’t I bet you have something similar, like a Farm and Home or Feed store.  This is where I usually get the things on my husbands list.  You can get most things a country boys needs, wants or has to have.  They also carry the wonderful Muck boots that I got last year.  Now not everyone wants pink, but don’t worry, they do come in other colors!

Thirty-One Gifts

If you have not yet heard of Thirty-One, then let me introduce you to these wonderful products!  They make bags, purses, totes, thermals and backpacks.  Most of these items can be embroidered for a very low price.  Nothing is nicer than giving something personalized.  My sister is a consultant for the company and has been busy making sure that I have one of everything!  No, not making me, because I love the products and use something Thirty-One every day.  I have taken the thermals to the cattle lot and the corn field.  I use the large tote to carry things back and forth from the car the house.  The kids use the Cinch Sacs when they spend the night somewhere or when they go on adventures in the timber.  This year I already have many gifts to give that are Thirty-One.

My Kitchen

The day after Thanksgiving the holiday making/baking starts.  This year we had 16 different kinds made in a day and a half!  We would have gotten more made, but the cows had to be worked so that they can be breed in a little over a week.  (This is another post I need to write because my sister and brother-in-law helped.  I know, I could not believe it either!)  Besides candy I also like to have breads, Chex mix and cookies on hand to give out.  Usually the neighbors, bus drivers, Sunday school teachers and landlords get these types of holiday treats.  I may need to invest on a lock for the refrigerator though so that it is not all gone before the Holidays.

Hand Made with Love

This year I will tell you that no one is getting a hand-made gift, made by me.  I have made many things in the past, all with love, like quilts, table cloths, journals, picture books and scrapbooks.  This year it is not going to happen, but I do plan on giving hand-made gifts.  My wonderful friend Sandy has started crocheting hats and I already have one to give to a niece and may order more.  There are a few stores in the next town that sell hand-made items and tomorrow is shopping day!  My cousin-in-law, Melissa,  has started making items and sells them at her best friends store, My Favorite Things, you can find it on FaceBook.  Very cute stuff!

Hand crocheted by my friend Sandy.

If you need additional gift giving ideas then head over to Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom or Dairy Carrie to read their lists.

This was a fun post to write and I do hope you enjoy it.  If you have any other ideas or fun places to shop, please share them with us!  Nothing better than the gift of giving, big or small, expensive or not, as long as it comes from the heart.

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link


2 comments on “Gift Giving Ideas this Holiday Season

  1. Julie says:

    Cute site! Cute ideas too! Thanks for sharing this info! I shopped Amazon this year alot for Christmas, so much easier! 🙂

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