Farmers Take Vacations Too

When do you usually go on vacation?  Is it in the summer while kids are out of school?  Or is it in the winter when time slows down and it is easier to get away from things?

For this farming family we do both, that is when we can.  We like to take a little trip in the summer with the kids.  Usually we go and visit friends for a long weekend in either southern Missouri or western Kansas.  Seth’s company takes a trip every other year in January.  We were so excited to be able to attend the Burrus trip this year!  A big thank you to Gpa and Gma for watching the kids while we were gone.

sunset over the beach

We traveled to Panama City, Panama with 64 other couples at the end of January (that’s right, no kids).  Temperatures were in the 90’s!  Low humidity and cool breezes all day long.  What a wonderful time it was.  Nice and relaxing for these farmers/seed sales men and their wives.

The Westin Resort

If you have never traveled with 65 couples (did I mention no kids?), it takes a lot of planning and prep.  We flew out of three different airports at three different times with a layover and a connection flight.  You then have customs and immigration to navigate through and then you travel to the resort.   We stay in an all-inclusive resort so that once we land and are settled in our rooms, we don’t have to worry about anything else.  All of the food and drinks are included.  This is a big deal for us wives.  No prep, no clean up and lots of choices.  Yummy!

pool side

The next five days are filled with relaxing, tours, dips in the pools or ocean and getting to know the other 64 couples who came with you.  When you travel with farmers, you do feel like you are traveling with family or old friends.  Conversations by the pool always led back to this years planting season, seed, equipment, livestock and families.

What is also nice about this trip is that we get to see how others live and work outside of the great United States.  Panama is a unique country.  It is a melting pot of cultures.  Many different ethnicity’s are represented here.  It is also a major banking hub because of the canal.  Each country that uses the canal needs to have a bank in the country so that they can pay cash to use the canal.


We saw the bank building skyscrapers.

city construction

We saw lots of construction and preservation of the older/historic buildings in the city.

boat headed to canal

We saw boats and freighters lined up to use the canal and locks.

Panama City street

And we saw the not so pretty sights of Panama  City.

We were never anywhere that we did not feel safe or were not in a group, but being in a foreign country you have to remember that you are a visitor there.  It is also a reminder that we are blessed and that our way of life in not the only way of life.  Farming and ranching is second nature to many of us in our group.  Working hard to make little is second nature to many in Panama.


Something you may not know about traveling with farmers is that you are always up to date on the temps and weather conditions at home.  Like this:  you are laying on the beach with the sun shinning, the temperature is 94 degrees, a nice breeze is blowing.  Now the farmer steps up:  “It is in the 40’s at home and the temperature is supposed to drop, there is a good chance of rain, think we could see some ice after we get back.”  You can take the farmer off of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the farmer.

Mr. Tom and Marcy BurrusMr. Tim and Lori Greene

In all it was a wonderful time and we are so blessed to be able to work with the Burrus Family.  Tom and Marcy Burrus and Tim and Lori Greene go on all of the Burrus trips.  They are a true family owned company that is all about family.  Thank you Tom, Marcy, Tim and Lori for a wonderful trip!

It was great to get away for a few days, but yes we did miss the kids and could not wait to get back to see them.  Facetime and Skype are wonderful inventions!

Blessings to you this winter,

Laurie – Country Link

*Gpa also got to take a trip last week.  I hope to be able to tell you about it soon.  Here is a hint about where he went:  He traveled to this destination 40 years ago and never in his wildest dreams thought that he would be able to go back.  Any guesses?


17 comments on “Farmers Take Vacations Too

  1. Looks like so much fun! Great for you to be able to get away, I wish it was that warm and sunny here (although I won’t curse the rain we are getting right now, we really need it)!

  2. ChaRae Penn says:

    Very nice 🙂 I would guess on your gpa’s destination, but that wouldn’t be fair!

  3. Kyra says:

    Thanks Laurie it is always a good time with the Burrus group!

  4. Marcy says:

    Beautifully written. It was a great trip. Thanks so much for taking photos. You are very talented & so willing to share. Thanks to you & Seth for all you contributed to make it a wonderful trip. Fondly Marcy

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Tom Burrus says:

    Glad you had as much fun as we did. Thanks for sharing you photos and observations. We had a great time. Thanks for reminding us of how much we enjoyed meeting eveyone and getting to know them better. Great weather!
    Tom & Marcy

  6. Jessica says:

    Looks like a wonderful trip! You are blessed to have such a wonderful company to work for. And, I know where your dad went on his trip, but since I sit back to back with your mom two days a week, I have an unfare advantage, so mums the word! 😉

  7. Ha – I was so confused. I read this post three times trying to figure out if you took this recently or last year… based on your Facebook post it sounded like last year. Well, I just realized that this post is an archive 😉 DOPE!

    I never heard of the country Panama! I learned something new today. We are taking our first out of the country vacation in February. I am nervous/excited all at the same time! Just ordered my bathing suit last night 🙂

    • Have a wonderful time on your trip! Have your passport ready to go too?

      We are not seasoned travelers, but do love to go places and the Burrus’s always show us wonderful things and a great time.

      Sorry for the confusion! 🙂 You never heard of Panama? It is a beautiful county!

  8. […] corn or take muddy adventures? Not anywhere else I know of then the family farm.  Now we do take vacations, but like they say, “There is no place like home” and “Home is where the heart […]

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