Farm Picture Friday #3


This weeks Farm Picture Friday is of one of the fall calves out in the pasture.  He took the time to stop and pose for me next to the fence.  The calves have done well this winter and are coming along nicely.  Weaning is still a few months off, but at that time Gpa will start taking inventory of the bulls and heifers and see which ones he may be keeping.  It is important to evaluate the calves as they age to see which heifers will make good replacement cows and which bulls would be good sires.

The kids each have a calf again this year and a yearling heifer.  This fall they should each have two calves born.  Latter this month is the big bull sale where Gpa will sell 14 of his Balancer bulls.  Stay tuned for pictures from the sale!

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link


2 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #3

  1. Looking forward to your sale pictures! Does he do a sale like that every year? We may be looking for a new bull sometime next year…

    • He does Jamie. The number changes each year, but he sells once a year at the end of February at the North Missouri Seed Stock Plus sale. This year it happens to be at the Kingsville Livestock Barn. Next week they hope to have video up of each bull and I can send you the link.

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