Let the Bidding Begin!

I love auctions.  Any kind of auction really: household, farm, livestock, high school basketball players jersey’s……….etc.  You name it and I can sit there and watch and probably bid.  That is fun too.

This auction is one that is very important Gpa and to us.  It is the annual Seedstock Plus North Missouri Bull sale.  For the past several years Gpa has raised and sold bulls for this specific sale.  This year he raised 14 bulls for the sale and Saturday was the day we watched them sell.  This year it is important to us too in that Tessa (our youngest) and Gpa own a bull together.  MM Balance TJL is the first of what we hope to be many more bulls to go through the sale for the kids.  Two bull calves were born this fall so we will have to wait and see how they grow and develop.  (Can anyone guess what the MM stands for in his name?)

Bull Sale 01

We did have a snow storm on Thursday and was not for sure we would be able to go and see the bulls sell until Friday night.  The roads were all cleared and it was smooth sailing down to Kingsville to the Auction Barn.

Bull Sale 03

First it was lunch and then to the pens to see how all of the “boys” were looking.  I have to say, Gpa and Tess’s looked pretty good.

Bull Sale 02

Gma and Tess checking out the bulls and looking for hers right before the sale began.

Bull Sale 05

This is John.  He is the CEO of Seedstock Plus.  He is welcoming everyone to the sale and making announcements.  John and his family is also the reason I started showing cattle in high school.  I bought my first Gelbvieh show heifer, Wendy, from them.  She did really good for me as a heifer and even better when I showed her as a cow/calf pair.  Don’t ask Laurie, John’s wife, about clipping her though.  Clipping is done before every show and it was not Wendy’s favorite thing to do, at ALL.

Bull Sale 04

This year they started with the Balancer bulls, had two Angus to sell and then the Gelbvieh.  Gpa had the first bull to sell.  Off the bat we were on a great start!

Bull Sale 06

Soon it was time for Tessa’s bull to come through the ring.  This guy just walked in real slow and stood there.  Like he wanted everyone to see him.  One of the gate guys had to walk up to him to get him to move around a little.  Again he looked really good.  I guess some of the bidders thought so too because he had the second highest sale price of the Balancer bulls.  Yes, he did good.  (Ok, so when I say he did good, I really mean WOW. HE. DID. GOOD.)  We could not have been more pleased, shocked, surprised, excited about it all.  The whole day was good.  It ended up being the highest average selling price per bull for my dad, ever.  It took hard work,dedication to the breed and a good reputation to get to this day.  Gpa prides himself on producing a good, quality product and it showed.

Bull Sale 07

In all it was a great day and a good start to the weekend.  My next post is about our trip to the Western Farm Show the next day.  Busy weekend, yes it was.

Blessings to you and to all the young bulls out there who are now making their marks on the industry,

Laurie – Country Link


5 comments on “Let the Bidding Begin!

  1. Suzanne says:

    Yea, Tessa! This was really fun to read–glad they had such a great day at the sale. Thanks for sharing.

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