Thank you for the Help!

Calves in snow

Well the time has come!  On Wednesday I posted this picture on the COUNTRY LINKed FaceBook page and asked for help in giving it some type of caption or “text”.  See, I thought the picture was saying something, but I had no idea what.  This is my dilemma a lot of the time.  I have a hard time naming my pictures too.

Once I posted the picture and asked for help, the comments started rolling in!  It was AWESOME!  Thank you to everyone who submitted an idea.  I loved all of them and it was really hard just picking one.  Here are some of my other favorites:

‘It Wasn’t Me!”

“Got Hay”

“Are We Done Yet?”

“Geez, how many pictures of us do you really need?”

“The survivors”

“Hey Paw, the kids all need new winter boots.”

“Shhhhhhh………….Nobody move, I think he’s going to forget to close the gate.  Wait until I say GO!”

You have been “tagged”.

So now the moment you all have been waiting for, (Drum roll, please).

Hay. It's What's for Dinner

A big thank you goes to Kenda S. from Missouri!  Thank you Kenda for your submission!  This picture truly does say what I am sure is on their minds.  With this much snow how can it not be all about the hay.

Kenda be sure and message me your address so that I can send you a special COUNTRY LINKed prize.  What is it you all are asking?  Well, this picture of course!

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link


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