Let’s Talk Pressure

Spring is here!  Finally!  The evenings have been really nice this week and we have been spending a lot of time outside.  So much in fact that I have not gotten much blogging done.  So, even though today is beautiful, I am in the house trying to get caught up on my blog.  What do I have to say today, well, I want to talk about PRESSURE.  Not peer pressure, or family pressure or even the pressure of having a good blog.  I want to talk about WATER PRESSURE.

I am sure you are asking WHY?  Well, in this house water pressure depends on one thing, when the cows are all coming in to get a drink.  Yes, it really does.  Here let me start with this picture that I took last night.


As you can see our son is there laying on a piece of concrete and my husband is there beside him and they are surrounded by mud.  Yes, we did have rain Sunday night and the cattle lot should be muddy, but there is more water here then should be because that concrete is actually a water’er for the cattle and it had been over flowing.  A lot!  The water’er works with a float system and when the cattle move the float around too much it causes a small ball inside the float to become misshapen and the water continues to rise instead of shut off when the “tank” is full.  This does happen from time to time and last night while trying to do some dishes, I noticed that the pressure was really low and that the cattle were not drinking.  I know when the cattle are drinking and when they are not, just by the water pressure in my house.  Anyone else have something similar?

Now you might wonder why we are tied into the same water line?  Simple, the cattle drink the same water that we do.  They need clean water just like you and I and so they drink what we drink.  Now, if when we built the house I would have know that the water pressure would do this, I would have insisted of a separate line to be dug.  I however did not, so we tend to do things according to the will of the cattle.  Don’t do a load of laundry or try to take a shower around 7:00 a.m., that is when watering time is.

No worries though because the problem was fixed and we were back to normal water pressure in the house.  The rest of the evening was spent grilling pork chops and playing with the kids in the yard.  Thank goodness the cattle were done drinking for the night, because these kids were dirty!

country kids

Blessings to you and to all farm wives who deal with pressure,

Laurie – Country Link

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7 comments on “Let’s Talk Pressure

  1. Love this Laurie! My water pressure doesn’t thankfully depend on the cattle (that I’ve noticed at least) but the water bill does! My father-in-laws cattle drink for our water source so our water bill gets handed over to him every month!

    • Thanks Jamie! I guess it is a good thing that we are here and know when this type of thing happens. Water bill tends to be large, but an overflowing water tank, makes it really large!

  2. Alicia Endicott says:

    Same thing happens to us with the new water tank that G Roger put in. The cows drink @ 8am around here and due to the water lines and the wood stove you will have a cold shower during this time.

  3. […] week’s Farm Picture Friday is of water.  I know I talked about water in my post “Lets Talk Pressure”, but this water is a little different.  This water is not supposed to be there! […]

  4. Emily Grace says:

    Oh my! How crazy and fun and frustrating all at the same time, but you’re right, we adjust to the cattle, not the other way around!

    This is a great note for me to take, by the way. Depending on our next housing decision here at our farm, I may be sharing a line with the barn and a water trough – I do believe my husband will be getting this CountryLINK in his email!!! 🙂

    Thanks, Laurie. 🙂

    • We do adjust to the cattle! 🙂 I tend to watch their movements also and know right away if something is amiss, the weather is changing and if the dog is in the pasture, (they don’t like him).

      Glad this post is helpful! Pressure is very, very important!

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