Farm Picture Friday #9

Flooded field

This week’s Farm Picture Friday is of water.  I know I talked about water in my post “Lets Talk Pressure”, but this water is a little different.  This water is not supposed to be there!  What appears to be a lake is really farm ground in the bottoms. (The bottoms is what we call ground/land located next to a river or a creek.)  Now I know it is a little hard to see, but the creek is two tree lines back.  Not at the first tree line you see, but the next.  I am not very good at judging distance, but I would say the creek is less than a half a mile from where I am standing.  That’s a lot of water!   Needless to say we are no longer in a drought and have been blessed with again getting rain.  LOTS and LOTS of RAIN!

Why am I taking picture of flood waters? I don’t really know, I just do.  Anytime the water gets out like this I go and take a camera and take pictures.  Well, and because this land is fields that Gpa has farmed for decades for the landlord in Illinois.   This is not the first time this land has flooded and it will not be the last.  Remember the floods of 93 and 95?  How about the wet 2008 or 2011?  Fields were flooded then too, but this year is different in that nothing has been planted.  Nothing will be either until the water is gone and the land has a chance to dry out.  The good thing is that levee’s have not broken or been breached.

What does this mean for us as farmers?  For one, this will not be planted any time soon.  And second, we need sunshine and wind to get things dried out.  It will probably set things back even more, planters are not running here in north central Missouri at all.

Why do farmers farm if things like this happen?  Because that is what a farmer does.  Farmers are the backbone of society.  They work from sun-up to sun-down to provide not only for their families, but for yours as well.  They work the land and they care for the livestock because it is what they want to do.

How are things were you live?  Is it wet, dry, cold, hot?  Have you seen anyone planting?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  I love getting comments on my posts.

Blessings to you, the city of Boston and the residents of West, Texas.  They all are in our thoughts and prayers.

Laurie – Country Link


2 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #9

  1. Erin Mullins says:

    I love taking pictures of when the water goes out! Several years ago may have been 2008 we had lots and lots of rain and the big river near us was out and there were several roads you couldn’t access. For a couple of weeks we would just take a drive in the evening to check it out and we always stopped for lots of pictures.

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