Winter has returned……….

Winter is back for a second time here in 2013.  The beautiful spring days that we had on Tuesday and Wednesday are long gone.  As I sit here typing this we are in anticipation of getting 1-3 inches of snow tonight.  Yes, in May!

So to ward off the “winter chill” we are experiencing, I plan to share with you pictures that I took over the past few days of the spring weather that we did have.  Enjoy!

Snapping Turtle

Tractor boys

Gardeners 2


Mushroom hunters


Mushroom Hunters 2

T and Gpa




Country Link

This last picture Gpa actually took to prove that this Country Link gal does work and does get dirty.  We were sorting calves on Tuesday and the lot was still a little muddy.  On Wednesday we took out some old fence posts and instead of being covered in mud, I now have poison oak.  I’ll take the mud any day!

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link


8 comments on “Winter has returned……….

  1. Deb says:

    Great pictures. Especially love the one of your Dad and the kids. He and Steve share a lot of the same mannerisms. I especially notice it when they interact with grandkids. They are a lot alike!

    • I have thought so too! They are a like in many ways and different in many others. They are built the same too and I think from a distance it would be hard to tell them apart. Stay warm tonight!

  2. Erin Mullins says:

    BOO you found mushrooms!!!!!! I went out and haven’t found any yet and now of course it snowed! I can’t wait to get into my garden. You have some great pics!

    Erin 🙂
    PS Love the blood donor shirt!!!

  3. Julie says:

    I just love these photos. So many memories in them and treasures for sure. I especially like you in mud! 🙂 Sorry about the poisen ivy.. thats NO fun! 🙂 Maybe you could go back out and get some of that mud & put it ON the poisen ivy & it would heal quicker! 🙂 LOL I want a photo of that! Great job my friend! Love the pics~!

    • Thank you so much!! The last few days were just wonderful and so glad that we got to do so much together outside. I am surprised that I did not get muddier! If rolling in mud helps take the itch off, then I would gladly go and get some! 🙂

  4. MORELS!!! I have been searching..I know they are one mile north of our farm…so I keep hoping I will find a spore on our property…I find dozens of other mushrooms..maybe someday a mushroom specialist will happen by the farma nd inform me one of them is edible 🙂 P.S. I love getting muddy too..

    • You should see the picture of the big “mess” of Morels that my husband and son found. More that we had ever found before. Only bad thing, for every 2 Morels you find, you also find a tick, yuck!

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