Farm Picture Friday #11

Pulling Posts

Hard work is something that I believe in.  Hard work is also something that I believe you have to witness in order to know how to do it. This Farm Picture Friday is of my son and the Hired Man hard at work pulling out old fence posts.  Wyatt is there on the ground with the chain that he wraps around each post.  After the post is pulled out with the tractor, he undoes the chain and then lifts the post and places it in the ditch so that it can be picked up later.  For being nine years old, he did really well.  He did not help on all the posts, (mom was there to help and lend a hand when he got tired) but he worked hard.  Really hard for someone only nine years old.  Being that he has seen first hand his Dad, Gpa and Hired Man working hard on a daily basis, he knows what is expected when you are asked to do a job and that you do that job until it is complete.

Blessings to you and all hardworking boys,

Laurie – Country Link


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