Farm Picture Friday #13


“From dawn to dusk, it takes us all”

As the sun was setting on Tuesday night, I found my husband in the tractor working a field with the harrow.  He had put in a long day already delivering seed, checking with farmers and answering the phone, but took over in the tractor so that Gpa could do chores.  That is what you do when you are a farming family.  You help out when and where you can no matter if you already put in a day’s work.

Family is many things, but the one thing that is important in dependability.  You have to depend on one another and therefore be dependable.  Just like we can depend on Gpa coming every day to check the cows and check in with us, he can depend on us to be available to lend a hand or a strong back.  Even when it is hot and humid in the middle of July and Gpa wants to pick up hay, we will be there to help.  (Family is allowed to grumble on days like that!)

With planting season finally here, we will depend on each other even more.  For it will take all of us, Gpa, Gma, Seth, me, the Hired Man and the kids to get it done.  So, as you see farmers in the fields this spring and summer, please remember that there is a whole family behind them helping to get the work done.  From dawn to dusk, it take us all.

Blessing to you and to everyone for a safe planting season,

Laurie – Country Link


4 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #13

  1. Erin Mullins says:

    This is a big reason why I am so proud of being involved with farming because it is such family and friend oriented. You do what you need to for your family and neighbors and they would do anything for you in return no questions asked. I think that society should take a closer look at this and maybe we could figure out how to get along better with each other. Great post and Picture!!

    Have a Great Weekend!!

    • Exactly Erin! Well said. We have our family, we have our friends/neighbors and we have our farm family. Together we get a lot done! Thank you and you have a great weekend too!

  2. Interesting, as I wrote a similar post, but since it was ‘penned’ while subbing at school without my ‘stash’ of pictures on my own computer, it was ‘just words’ Love your post. Good reminder as we jump into this planting season with lots of intensity, that some are less enthusiastic than others about……….. LOL

    • Love that we had the same thought today! Was a busy week and it has taken all of us to work through it. Grumbles are soooo allowed! As long as you do the work that is……………;)

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