Farm Picture Friday #15

A boy and his pigs

Thank you so much for the Farm Picture Friday suggestions on the facebook page.  In the end I was able to capture Wyatt walking with his pigs and as you can also see mud.  For we have lots, and lots of mud.

If you are new to COUNTRY LINKed, then let me tell you about today’s collage.  Wyatt is in his second year of 4-H and one of his projects is Swine.  Here he is in the pig pen walking his two market hogs, Bullet and Butter-ball.  Bullet, a barrow, was purchased from Penn Farms Show Pigs.  Butter-ball, a gilt, was purchased from Gpa.  It is Wyatt’s job to make sure that they are well taken care of, every day.  He checks on them multiple times to make sure that they have food and water and that they are not overheating.  (So far we have not had any hot days where they would need to be under a sprinkler.)  Every morning he also goes out and walks them up and down the pen.  This is great exercise for them and helps in the showing aspect of the project.  Wyatt will show both of them at the county fair in July.  To learn more about raising and showing a market hog, click HERE.

So far the pigs are doing great!  Wyatt really enjoys having them and is very responsible when it comes to taking care of them.  This year he is also in the Archery and Photography projects.  More about both of those to come.

Hope everyone is doing good and safe tonight as severe storms are breaking out.

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link


4 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #15

  1. Pat Wood says:

    Sorry but your learn more link doesn’t work

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