Painting Day……………………..

Gpa decided yesterday that the kids could help him with a painting project.  They were all in agreement that they could, the sun was shinning and it was a nice cool day.  I had an errand to run and lots of laundry to catch up on so I took the kids over to Gpa’s so that they could get started.  What were they going to paint?  After some very imaginative guesses on the COUNTRY LINKed facebook page, one individual did guess right.  They were to paint a………………………………wait for it………………………………….. a hog feeder!  Thanks for the guesses!  Good job Mrs. K!

painting day 1

Gpa had spent the past week working on a feeder for the finishing floor (feeding pens for the market hogs).  Being that it is to feed pigs and sits outside in the elements all year-long, how it actually looked after painting was not an issue.  The kids just needed to make sure that the wood was all covered with paint, oil based paint.  Keep in mind that they used an oil based paint.

painting day 3

They each had their own little bucket of paint, a paint brush and a promise of ice cream when they were finished.  Yes, my children will help out, but will especially help if there is ice cream involved.  Gp appreciates the cheap help.

painting day 7painting day 6

As you can see they were off to a very good start and had some good technique going.

This is where I left to get my stuff done.  They were now under the supervision of Gpa.  From what I was told, things went pretty well.  The kids worked hard, with a minimum of fussing.  What I should have remembered from my own experiences of painting hog feeders and sow houses as a kid, is that the bright orange, OIL BASED paint gets everywhere and does not come off.  Really it does NOT come off.  It takes lots of scrubbing to get it off and sometimes requires a little finger nail polish remover.

painting day 9

painting day 17

As you can see in the end we had two covered in bright orange paint.  One, who will not be named, was almost paint free.  (Gpa did clean her hands before I got back, so she did have paint on her, but there was hardly any on her clothing.)  In the end the feeder was painted and that is what mattered.

Don’t worry, they were paid.  In full!

painting day 12

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link

4 comments on “Painting Day……………………..

  1. Gma says:

    How funny – good way to start another day at camp!

  2. Glad you liked it! Next time you can help to clean them up. Have a good day at camp!

  3. What a great memory that was created for them! They’ll always remember that day and every time they see it, they will be filled with pride with the job they did! What fun!!

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