The Muddy Adventure

So far this spring we have had snow, rain, cold temperatures and very little sunshine.  Now it is June and we still are getting rain and very little sunshine.  So that of course means that we have mud and lots of it.  What do you do when you have mud?  Well you make the most of it, literally.  Read on to hear all about the Muddy Adventure.

Last week we were very blessed to have a very fine family come and stay with us a few days.  They are some very good friends of ours that we do not get to see very often, so it was wonderful that they got to come.  They even commented on how wet we are here and the water that is still standing everywhere.

On one overcast afternoon I asked the kids if they would like to go on an adventure into the pasture.  They were very excited and got changed into old clothes and mud boots.  (Note:  Mud boots are very important in this story.)

mud 1

I asked them to line up for a before picture knowing that when this adventure was over, we would not have any clean/dry kids.  I was right.

mud 2

Things started off with just walking in the pasture toward the ditch.  The grass is very tall now.  If we could have a few sunny days in a row, we would try to cut hay, but the forecast has rain every day and a half it seems.

mud 3

mud 5

Once we got to the ditch, well the nice dry kids were soon wet, muddy, soggy kids.  Well, everyone expect for Tessa.  She is not one to jump right in and get dirty.  She will, but it is more the,  “I was just playing and digging in the dirt and for some reason now I am dirty”, kind of girl.

mud 6

mud 7

Once we found the big puddle at the entrance to a field did she get a little more adventurous and want to be in the water.  Again, mud boots very important!

mud 8

mud 9

What started out as the three younger ones walking in the puddle and splashing a little, turned into the bigger two coming along and deciding that was not good enough.  They proceeded to SPLASH!  From here I think it was a contest to see who could get the muddiest.  In the end Ty (from the very fine family) was the winner.

mud 10

Here is the after picture.  Note how that again Tessa is not that wet or muddy.  How she does it is still a mystery.  In all I think the kids had a great time and enjoyed getting muddy.  They also enjoyed showers as soon as we got back to the house.  The mud boots while very, very important, only keep your feet dry if you do not splash or walk in water that is deeper than the boots are tall.  Just a little friendly farm tip.

Blessings to you and everyone who enjoys getting muddy from time to time,

Laurie – Country Link

*One more picture of this very fun, dirty, muddy, wet adventure.

mud 4


9 comments on “The Muddy Adventure

  1. Julie says:

    LOVE THIS! Some really great photos to treasure for years to come! 🙂

  2. LOL– “The mud boots while very, very important, only keep your feet dry if you do not splash or walk in water that is deeper than the boots are tall. Just a little friendly farm tip.” Too funny! That’s what I’ve noticed around our place too. 😉

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