Farm Picture Friday #17

FPF #17

Beautiful Blue Sky’s!  This is what I saw yesterday morning bright and early as the guys were getting the planter ready one more time for the final bit of planting 2013.  Seth got around very early (much earlier that I like to be up in the summer) and headed to the field to replant a few beans at our cash rent farm.  It is far enough away and there is some black top roads to travel on that we don’t go  unless there is someone to “flag” for the tractor.  Thus the reason I too was up at the crack of dawn! (I really need to write a post about flagging for farm equipment.  You would be amazed at what some people do and don’t do when they see a large piece of equipment coming at them.)

The morning was beautiful, but by 10:00 a.m. the clouds had once again rolled in and we had a chance for more rain.  Thankfully the rain stayed away, so even thought it was a little green, hay was bailed and the kids got to play their final baseball games.

Yesterday not only wrapped up planting, be we also had some visitors to the farm.  We were very excited to have Ms. Rebecca, Mr. Mark and Ms. Jenna here at our home.  The reason of their visit will be reviled soon, but for now we just want to again say thank you for coming!

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link


8 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #17

  1. I can imagine what people do when they see large farm equipment! Scary!

    • LOL Barbara! Not scary, just intimidating maybe? When you meet someone on a gravel road, that is almost easier. They travel that road knowing that they will probably come upon something like a tractor. When you get out on the blacktops and highways, well, you just never know how drivers will react or if they will. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Beautiful photo! And yes – I too could write a whole post on driving tractors on blacktop roads… It is amazing that people think they can just pass you no matter what, even if you are trying to make a left hand turn into a field!

  3. You take amazing pictures! it is like eye candy.

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