Farm Picture Friday #18

Fair photo 13 b Today’s Farm Picture Friday is brought to you by our oldest, Wyatt.  He is a second year member of 4-H and is enrolled in the photography project. He entered this picture of an old John Deere tractor in the county fair on Sunday.  Last night he was awarded Best Beginning Photography Award.  Maybe a chip off the old block?  We will see, but for now we could not be more proud of him and the work he put into the project this year.

When presenting his pictures to the judges, Wyatt told them the “back story” on taking this picture.  “At the end of April we were at Gpa’s house helping pick up sticks out of the yard.  Mom told me to bring my camera along so I could practice taking pictures.  I took a few and was about to put it away when mom told me we would have a contest.  We each would take pictures of the old tractor with our camera’s and then have Gma judge them.  After snapping way for a few minutes, we took the camera’s inside and Gma gave them a look.  Guess who won?”

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link


7 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #18

  1. Congrats to Wyatt!!! It’s a great Picture!!! Hope the rest of the fair goes just as good!

  2. Carrie says:

    Congrats Buddy! Good luck with your pigs today!

  3. Alicia Endicott says:

    Nice job Wyatt! Have a great time at the fair!

  4. MNGobbleGal says:

    Love the picture – very cool, Wyatt!

  5. He’s got a great teacher!! I love it, Wyatt…and congratulations!

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