Farm Picture Friday #19


Having showed livestock for 14 years myself in 4-H and FFA, I understood what it meant to be in the show ring and the feel of winning and not winning.  Now that I am a parent of a child that shows hogs, I have a new perspective of showing livestock.  With the help of others, I think I was able to put my new perspective into words.  I will always be at the fence and I hope I never forget the feeling of standing there.

Blessings to you and all youth and parents who travel to the show,

Laurie – Country Link


6 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #19

  1. Wiping tears, this is beautiful, well put. ❤

  2. Love it! I can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to start showing livestock. The poem describes it perfectly! Did you write the poem or did you find it somewhere?

  3. Laura Almond says:

    This was my first year that I stood at that exact fence in the picture….and its different when your at the fence opposed to in the ring. As I get older I learn that there is different feelings and emotions that one has. I felt kinda sad that I couldn’t go out and show with my sister, but at the same time I had realize that I no longer could. We are still a team no less, we just have different jobs. Its hard to explain some of the feelings I had this year at the county fair, but all I have to say is 4-H/FFA is the best environment to be raised in as a kid and I hope that more people can get their kids envolved in it too!

    • It is a great environment to have kids in Laura! You could not be more right about that! The fence is a special place to be when you have kids and you get to watch them inside of it. It is their time to shine and grow and I am so thankful for that fence.

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