A Day of Labor

A day of laborEvery day tends to be a day of labor here on the farm.  Some days the laboring is very minimal and others days we go from dawn to dusk.   Monday was one of those days were it seemed we went from dawn to dusk.

The kids were excited to have a day off of school and I think were anticipating that they were going to get to take it easy.  They did, for a bit, then it was outside to get a jump on the day and work while it was cool.  (Monday the temps was only in the low 80’s.  A relief from the very hot days we were having.)

They set to work pulling weeds out of the yard.  Why?  Well, we finally got sidewalks at the first of May and had to add some dirt to make the yard level.  Since then we have been able to grow some grass, but mainly we have been successful growing weeds and not just any weeds, the kind that get tall and have thorns.  OUCH!  So with gloves on, the kids started working, and then they got a call.

A day of labor 2

Gpa called and asked for a little help.  He had four mama sow’s (female pigs that have had babies) that needed to be moved and wondered if the kids would help.  Of course they did and who can blame them?  Moving the sow’s was going to be a lot more fun than pulling weeds.  For this job I was purely a spectator.  I have moved many a mama sow’s and was able to just watch as the kids learned how it is done.  The kids did a good job, but it was also a good thing that Gpa was there.

A day of labor 4   A day of labor 3

Each sow then had to go one at a time into the barn.  It was the girls job to make sure that they did not get out and to then move them in the right direction.  They were very diligent in their job.

hands at work

I stuck around long enough to snap a few pictures and then headed back to the house to see if Seth had returned yet.  Even though it was Labor Day, he still had farmers to see, accounts to settle and a plot tour to plan.  He was able to catch the farmer that he wanted to see, so he had returned home to take a few minutes to work on the bulldozer before he headed out yet again to prepare for a plot tour the next day.  He tends to be camera-shy, (I have no idea why) but as long as he is working, I can get a few pictures.

After lunch it was once again back to the pulling of the weeds and yes I also helped out.  The kids are not yet old enough to do the laundry, so I have to divide my time between things like that and helping them.  Don’t worry though, they did not pull weeds all day!  They also had to work on their rooms, Wyatt put together his work bench and we had a 7-year-old to take pictures of.

A day of labor 5

Kendall’s birthday has passed, but it has been way to hot to try to take her yearly picture.  We took a few of her and Tessa and then we got another phone call.  It was time to move the heifers (female cattle that have not had babies) and the soon to calve two-year old heifers to the barn so that they could be sorted and moved to new places.  We dropped the girls off with Gma and then Wyatt and I headed to the red barn to help Gpa.

A day of labor 6

They all came up fine and sorted pretty well.  Gpa now has a dented-in water tank, but other than that it was a successful sort and move.  Wyatt really showed us that he is growing up and becoming a pretty good cattleman.  His mama was very proud of how he did and I think Gpa was too.

We were finishing with the cattle at dusk and Gpa still had to do chores, so Wyatt and I were in charge of getting the tractor down to the pivot so that the irrigation system could be started and run all night.  Just as we were pulling up, Seth showed back up to lend a hand and we got the pump hooked up and running.

In all it was a good day of labor.  Now I know that Labor Day is to honor those who work day in and day out to make this country strong, but sometimes having a day off, just means that there is more hands to help.

Blessings to you and all who labor,

Laurie – Country Link

*Please keep the family of U.S. Army Private Jonathan Hostetter in your thoughts and prayers.  He was brought home yesterday after giving the ultimate sacrifice for his country and will be laid to rest tomorrow.


9 comments on “A Day of Labor

  1. LOVED your pictures, Laurie! Especially the barn and windmill!

  2. Yes, I agree, love those ‘days off’ we usually try and focus on those projects that require many hands here as well. Great post, I have enjoyed my summer sabbatical and really need to focus on regular posts, and yours has inspired me, I hear the chopper, so its pics of them opening a field. 🙂

  3. Adored this post!! Sounds like our “labor day.” There was plenty to do but we did grab our fishing poles for an hour or so and headed to the river, but no luck. God bless you!!

    • Always something to do and always good to have a few extra hands around. The ranch is looking so pretty right now! So glad you all have been blessed with rain. Thanks for stopping by!

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