Farm Picture Friday #21

Farm Picture Friday 21

“Shopping for Seed”

Today’s Farm Picture Friday is in regard to farmers and seed.  You see the two farmers above, (the one on the right is single, ladies!) they are looking at an ear of corn that come out of a seed company’s corn plot.  Now in this case the “plot” is a small section of farm ground that has been designated to showcase different varieties of seed from the same company.  Different varieties were planted side by side in a farmers field because; seed companies do not have only one type of seed corn.  They have many.  One variety may grow better on dry sandy soil and another may have longer growing degree days and work better on your hill ground.  By attending a plot tour, the farmer has a chance to see how well the different varieties”measure up” before they purchase their seed.  Do you like flowers?  My mother-in-law does. She has beautiful gardens all around their home.  They are filled with varieties of the same flower, like; Lilies, Iris, Hydrangea and Lilacs.  As with the farmer, she likes to have options and likes different varieties of flowers for different reasons.  So wither you are a farmer or an avid gardener, you like choices.  How do you figure out which ones you like the best?   You go shopping.

Yes!  Farmers go shopping!  Sometimes they are very good shoppers and know right away what they want and how much they need. Sometimes they find it hard to determine exactly what they want because they like the looks of too many varieties.  So who does a farmer turn to when they cannot make up their minds?  The Seed Guy.  (Yes, that is usually his official title, just ask the farmer down the road.)  The Seed Guy has the answers.  He works diligently for the farmer to ensure that the farmer has the best for his or her farm and has it when and where he needs it.  The Seed Guy knows the ins and outs of the hybrids and can recommend what would be a good “fit” for each farmer.

Now, this does not make farmers good at other types of shopping, but fortunately for you ladies, The Seed Guy does bring caps.

*Disclaimer time – I do know both of these men and took this picture while they were at a plot viewing earlier this week.  They are father and son and farm together not far from us.  I received permission from wife/mom to use this picture in hopes that they would become famous.  Okay, not famous…………………………… but one can hope, right.

Blessings to you and to all farmers as they begin seed shopping for next year,

Laurie – Country Link


6 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #21

  1. jennifer says:

    hey I recognize those two! couple of pretty good guys – good photo from seed guy’s wife.

  2. e g bryant says:

    I love sneaking up on farmers to take their pic. They are good at hiding if they know you’re coming – they just point the bill of the cap they got from some “seed guy” toward the earth and you can’t get an angle on them at all. LOL Well done!

    • Thank you! They were deep in conservation and had no idea! One of the reasons I like going to the field days and taking pictures. You get the farmer in his “natural habitat”!!

      • egbryant says:

        “natural habitat” is a great way to describe it! I joke with my husband that had I known I was marrying such a rare species I would have prepared better. ;o)

  3. […] Work.  When you care for the land and animals you need to be available for whatever may come up.  Be it working in the garden so that fresh vegetables and fruit can be on the table, assisting the cow that is having trouble giving birth, or making that late day delivery of seed, we are ready for work at a moments notice.  Seth’s job as a Sale Manager for Burrus Hybrids allows him to work on/from the farm.  His main office is here out of the house.  It offers him flexibility and access to those who he serves.  Being a Sales Manger for a seed company is not a nine to five kind of job.  Days can be long, so being able to have an office in the home is necessary and a true blessing when you are the seed guy. […]

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