Farm Picture Friday #23

FPF #23

Harvest for 2013 has begun here at Country Link.  What does harvest mean for us?

Family time

Combine, tractors and trucks running

Long days and sometimes long nights

Meals eaten in the backs of trucks and mom’s car while sitting in the field

Ice tea served in glass jars

Finding soybeans and corn in the washing machine

Dirty faces

Combine rides

Three generations working together

Weigh wagons and moisture meters

Lots of pictures

Flagging for equipment going down the road

Happiness and disappointment

And some days harvest means naps for the littlest of helpers

What does harvest and fall mean for you?

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link


6 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #23

  1. Laurie,
    I LOVE that picture!!!! I’m so jealous that you are enjoying the sweet benefits of harvest! I’ll be right there with you in thought. Enjoy those LONG days and short tempers…they’re what life’s all about. Happy harvest!!

  2. I think you captured it perfectly! Love it!

  3. Love this picture. Love the post. Simple but yet lots of detail. All so true. We just got all of our crops in last night. It felt so good. I love starting harvest but I also love to finish. I am wanting to write a post this week on way we want to finish as quickly as we start. It’s something only a farm family could understand!

    • Things have been slow here for harvest. Have a few good days in the field and then it rains or the crops are not dry enough. Tonight there is to be a freeze, so maybe we can really get some things done this week. 🙂

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