Cold and Snow

As I sit in our nice warm house listening to howling winds outside, I think back to yesterday.  Yes, yesterday.  As in January 4th. When it was just Cold and Snow outside.

No wind chills in the negatives.  No additional 4-6 inches of snow.  No single digit temperatures.  Just a regular winter day in north Missouri.  A day where the kids were able to spend time playing outside, we shoveled the snow off of the sidewalks, hauled more firewood up to the house, set some brush piles on fire, made sure the pets were nice and warm, rolled out large round bales of hay for the cows and welcomed a bottle calf to the family.  Just a regular day of Cold and Snow for a farm family.

Cold and Snow 2

Cold and Snow 1

Snow and Cold 5

Cold and Snow 7

Sally the Bottle Calf

Cold and Snow 8

Snow and Cold 4

Cold and Snow 6

Cold and Snow 3

As you can see, yesterday was a good day.  Today, however, is not a nice day.  So please everyone, if you are being blasted by the arctic temperatures and gale force winds, stay safe.

Here is a list of some very good TIPS complied by Janice Person ~  A Colorful Adventureon how to survive extreme cold.

Blessings to you and to all those working outside on days like this,

Laurie – Country Link

*Title for this post was suggested by our 4 year-old, Tessa.  When asked what is it like outside, she said, “Cold and Snow”.

11 comments on “Cold and Snow

  1. Love the photos! So much nicer that the swirling winds and growing close to a foot of snow I have here!

  2. Your pictures are always so good!! Don’t ever stop taking them and sharing!

  3. Robyn says:

    Great set of pictures. Glad to see your kiddos enjoying farm life.

    Yesterday was cold, but bearable. The wind hit last night. We had -9* with horrible winds at 7 am and the temperature has gotten colder throughout the day. The wind is still blowing hard. Sounds like Monday will be nasty and then we are looking at nicer winter weather.

    Hope you stay safe and warm too!

    • So far everyone is fairing well! Thanks Robyn. Could not believe the cold we had yesterday. High for yesterday was 3, but felt like -10. Today we are in the 20’s and have sunshine!

  4. What lovely photography. It’s nice to see all the animals happy and warm, and looks like your family had fun too. Stay warm!

  5. […] I have been short on words the past few weeks.  Not for sure why, but my creative voice is not saying anything so I am trying to “speak” through my photography.  Which in reality means that things are slow and I have been shut in the house, so there is not much to give me inspiration besides cold and snow. […]

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