Farm Picture Friday #30

FPF #30

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”

– Theodore Roosevelt    


8 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #30

  1. Emily Grace says:

    Excellent photo, Laurie! I just want to reach over and take one of the pellets/seeds out of the picture and examine it. I like how the color tone mixes in some nostalgia with a modern farm pic. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks E.G.! I don’t always get the chance to photograph my husband while he is working, so I took the chance and got many pictures! This one said so much to me and I too love it in this tone. Those are soybeans we are loading on the truck so they can be taken to the elevator.

      • Emily Grace says:

        Thanks for the fyi. Our grain bins hold cattle feed, so I wasn’t sure what you were transferring there.

      • We have an old barn that has a wooden grain bin in it. Makes it a little hard to load and unload out of it, but you can’t beat having the storage. The large silo that you see behind my husband are no longer in use. I love the way they look! Some day they will have to come down, but right now they are just a reminder of the past.

      • Emily Grace says:

        If you have a photo or two of the silo you’d like to blog, please let me know. I just photographed a dilapidated one in south Georgia, and I plan to post it later in February. Would love to include your Midwest silo in my post (with your watermark, of course!).

      • I will! That would be fun!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love the quote. I think that sums up why we do what we do.

    • Exactly Jennifer! We work hard because it is worth doing and hope that that is what we are teaching our children. Someday this work will be theirs and we want them to love it, like we do.

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