Farm Picture Friday #32

FPF #32


I have been short on words the past few weeks.  Not for sure why, but my creative voice is not saying anything so I am trying to “speak” through my photography.  Which in reality means that things are slow and I have been shut in the house, so there is not much to give me inspiration besides cold and snow.

I do love snow, but I am not a fan of cold.   A nice snow on the ground and everything covered is a beautiful sight.  Sometimes the sun shines on it just right and the snow almost seems to sparkle.    This week the snow is starting to melt and when that happens we have good old Missouri Mud.  Dark brown, get everywhere, stick to everything kind of Mud.  No sparkling to Mud.

So for today’s Farm Picture Friday I give you Boots in the Snow.  A final look at white snow and Muck Boots that will soon see Missouri Mud.

Blessings to you and your special Valentine,

Laurie – Country Link

5 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #32

  1. Becca says:

    I wish I had pink Muck Boots! Mine are boring black.

  2. I can relate to feeling short on words lately… I think the coldness of this winter is freezing us all up. I love that muck boots 🙂 Hope you all stay warm!

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