Farm Picture Friday #36

FPF #36

We don’t all get the opportunity to grow up on a farm.  They say that every new generation is further and further removed from the farm.  So, what does one do if they want to be more connected to where their food and family come from?  They visit the farm.

This is my nephew Drew.  For the past few years he has come to Gpa’s to spend his spring break.  This year is no different.  Instead of taking a big vacation or a trip somewhere, he comes to Missouri to be with Gpa and Gma on the farm.  He is now 13-years-old and can be quite the helper.  On the day this was taken, he had been “overseeing” the unloading of large round bales.  (The drought last year was hard on the pastures and Gpa had to buy hay from a neighbor.)  What overseeing really meant on this day, is that he was climbing on the bales and trailer and running on the tops of the bales.  This is something that farm kids do all of the time and Drew, even a spring break farm kid, likes doing it as well.

Drew and his parents do make it to the farm often, but this week it is just him and his Gpa doing what ever Gpa needs to do this week; cleaning hog houses, cutting firewood, watching college basketball, etc.  (They are both VERY big basketball fans.) Today and tomorrow he will be helping to work the calves. Let’s just say by the time Sunday rolls around, he is good and tired.

Blessings to you and all who visit the farm,

Laurie – Country Link

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12 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #36

  1. Wood, Patricia says:

    To bad you didn’t get a shot of him and Tessa running the bales this morning.

  2. Emily Grace says:

    Love the depth of field and the arc of the bales right up to Drew! His story is a great way to link us to the country – maybe some mama will read this and make sure she calls that aunt or cousin to see if she can send her child out to the farm for the weekend!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Robyn says:

    I bet Drew loves visiting Grandpa and Grandma as much as they love him. Maybe Grandpa will be ready for a nap on Sunday afternoon! I bet there is lots of fun cousin time too.

    Good Luck working calves; hope all goes great! We have 2 heifers in the barn calving and 2 to go. Cows are “officially” due April 5th. With short gestation Angus we will be on full duty before then.

    • They look forward to this time of year every year. I have a feeling even when Drew is a Senior in high school, he will still be coming to Gpa’s.

      Today is cold and windy! Makes getting the calves in a little harder, but we have lots of good help. Good luck calving with the cows. Maybe you will be done by April 5th?! 🙂

  4. glattheranch says:

    I love this, I grew up in town and remembered going to grandma’s and playing on bales, in the pastures, and how it felt to put my hand deep into a cool bucket of corn ready to be fed to cows. My brother in law brings friends from Denver to our ranch all the time and it’s great to share these things. We also take in a teenage girl for the summer every year and she’s becoming quite the cowgirl.

    • The farm has so many great things to enjoy and I am so glad that as a child you got to do them! We love having family come and help with what we do. Sometimes we have to have the extra help like during hay season and other times it is just nice to have them around. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. What an amazing gift for your nephew… the ability to visit, help, and experience a farm without living on one. I am so thankful for the local farms in my area. Because I don’t own a farm yet, I spend most of my free time and weekends at the local farms, sharing their experiences and knowledge.

    • That is the best place to be Caitlin! And the perfect way to learn and discover what it is you want to have on your farm someday. On the day he left, my nephew said he had a wonderful time! 🙂

  6. cdmiller07 says:

    Haybales were made for climbing and running across! And square bales are made for forts in the barn haha.

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