Farm Picture Friday #37

FPF #37

Today’s Farm Picture Friday finishes up my daily posts for National Ag Day and Ag Week.  It has been fun this week having guest bloggers and I can not thank them enough for being on here.  Thank you Rebecca, Miriam and Kate!  Your posts were all wonderful.

This week has been about Agriculture and the people who work in the industry, but it takes everyone working together 365 days a year to have a safe and abundant food source.  So, thank you!  Thank you farmers, ranchers, consumers, scientists, cooks, truck drivers, store owners, teachers, equipment dealers, seed guys and so many others for all that you do for Agriculture.

As you can see in this weeks picture, the guys are slowly herding the cattle back to their pasture.  The calves will be weaned (taken off their mama’s milk) soon and we needed to give them their booster shots and castrate any calves we did not want to keep as bulls.  This is just one of the many things that happen year round on our farm.  The process of breeding, calving, weaning and the final step selling is one that takes everyone working together to make the “circle” complete.

For more blog posts regarding Ag Day 2014, click HERE.

Blessings to you and everyone who works together,

Laurie – Country Link






9 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #37

  1. cdmiller07 says:

    Picture looks like an old-modern cattle drive (if that’s a thing) haha. I like it!

  2. Love today’s FPF! You always share great pictures and stories to go with.

  3. Emily Grace says:

    I’m on my phone and didn’t see the other comments until just now. Yea for modern and historical all in one great picture!(:

  4. Tanmay Roy says:

    The picture is absolutely gorgeous, but seems pretty old. But it’s awesome at first look.

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