Sweet Corn that is sooooo Sweet!

Sitting on the tailgate

A few days ago we went to the field to help with the sweet corn planting.  We plant a sweet corn that is sooooo sweet, we have to work hard at keeping the wild animals out of it.

Sweet Corn 2014

We are not commercial growers of sweet corn.  We raise as much as we can because we love to have sweet corn all year-long, not just a few days during the summer.  You may be asking, “Isn’t the garden the best place to plant your sweet corn?”.  That is a very valid question.  My garden has three rows of sweet corn planted in it and it has just come up through the ground.  I will plant at least three more rows later this week in hopes that we have a few weeks of eating corn on the cob and not just a few days.  The “Big Patch” that we planted in the field, is what we not only eat on, but also spend a few days during the summer freezing.  Have you ever worked up and froze corn?  It is a JOB!  Such a big job, that in this family, if you don’t come and help at least for a bit, you probably are not going to get to see any in your freezer.  Hopefully when you come for a visit, it is served during a meal.

Sweet Corn PlantingAs you can see the planter makes fast work of getting an acre of sweet corn planted.

Coon's Choice III

Checking the seed depthThis year there was a “supervisor” of the sweet corn planting.  She took her responsibilities very seriously.

Coon's Choice III

What kind of sweet corn do we plant?  Burrus’s very own COON’S CHOICE III!

Do the raccoon’s really like it?  Why yes, they do.  We move the sweet corn patch every year in hopes that the raccoon’s have a harder time finding it.  An electric fence is also put up around the outside to keep the raccoon’s and deer away.  Some years it works, but every once in a while the raccoon’s do get in and wipe it out.  This is also the reason why we try to freeze some every year.

Now that the “Big Patch” is planted, we will check on its progress and make sure that the electric fence is put up before it tassels.

Three Sweet Corn KidsThese three sweet corn kids can’t wait unit the corn is ready!  (The “supervisor” has a few more teeth that need to grow in before she can enjoy corn on the cob.)

Blessings to you,

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12 comments on “Sweet Corn that is sooooo Sweet!

  1. Those are some cute kiddos! We planted a 4 rows of Peaches and Cream and will plant 4 more in a couple of weeks. Love that stuff in the middle of winter! It’s better than candy! 🙂

  2. Myla says:

    One perk of being a seed salesman’s wife… free sweet corn! So many of Matt’s customers plant good sized plots of sweet corn that we are never without. It’s wonderful. Like you we eat some fresh, but we also put a lot ‘up’ in the freezer for later! Good luck keeping the critters outta your patch!

    • So true! If for some reason our patches have trouble, friends, neighbors and or customers are usually more than willing to share. We have heard of many “tricks” for keeping them out. That could be a blog post all in its own! 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by Myla!

  3. Emily Grace says:

    Fun post! Beautiful children and scenery!

  4. Yum, sweet corn sounds delish! Looks like you and your family had a great day 🙂 The photos are lovely.

    • We love going to the field, even if it is just to watch. The kids play in the dirt and this day were able to look for four leaf clovers in the hay field next to the corn field. Afterwards we took a nice walk to end the great day! 🙂

  5. We farm the plots not being used in our local town’s business park so we always plant some sweet corn on the outside of the field and let the businesses in the business park take sweet corn from the plot. Allowing those businesses to take some and us to have some, we have plenty to eat and freeze. Love the photos of your sweet corn crew!

  6. […] agriculture, not the least of which is sweet corn, come flash back with me about two months to a family farm and a sweet corn patch at CountryLINKed, so that you, too, can take your moments of savoring […]

  7. […] a visit. Their friends love coming to the farm.  Where else do you get to climb on hay bales, pick sweet corn or take muddy adventures? Not anywhere else I know of then the family farm.  Now we do take […]

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