Farm Picture Friday #42

FPF #42

Plant 2014 is still going on.  We had to park the tractor and planter for a few days due to rain, but plan to start again today.  This field that you see in this weeks Farm Picture Friday is next to a large creek and is known as the Beecham long bottoms.  The Beecham family and our family have been farming together for generations now.  This ground, like all the ground we farm, is no-till.  A Phillips Harrow is taken across the land to just stir up the top.  It does not dig in like a disk does.

Last year soybeans were planted in this field.  As you can see weeds have grown up, but those have been sprayed.  Once they die back they do leave a cover that helps to keep moisture in the ground so that the corn can grow.  This picture was taken on Sunday afternoon.  Since then we have seen temps in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  Not the typical temperatures for us in May, but this is Missouri and last year on the 3rd of May we had snow.

Next week the temperatures are supposed to be back in the 80’s and we will be on to planting soybeans.  With any luck the sunshine and rain will continue.  It is all up to mother nature, but a prayer here and there helps too.

How is your planting going?  Are you done?  Have you started?

Blessings to you and all farmers who are working to grow our food and fiber,

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12 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #42

  1. Robyn says:

    We have very little farming, but enough to make it a task.

    1. Beardless Winter Wheat (for cow hay) – it’s up and green.
    2. Oats (for cow hay) – up and rowable.
    3. This year we are planting a grass/alfalfa mix. The neighbor started yesterday afternoon.
    4. Corn (for silage to feed calves) – the planter is ready to go.

    Hope you continue to have favorable farming conditions and a successful growing season.

    • Thank you Robyn! You all will have a busy summer ahead of you it looks like. We are finishing with the corn today and will then change the planter for soybeans. Alfalfa is to be mowed today too. That is all feed to the cattle, with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cuttings put up in small square bales to sell.

      • Robyn says:

        The Rancher got fertilizer and started seeding corn today! We have 2 small fields to plant and he will plant the 2nd field tomorrow.

        Hope you got the corn in and good luck with soybeans.

      • Very busy times on the Ranch for you all! Corn all in, soybeans and hay today and hopefully rain on Wednesday or Thursday. If I keep saying that it will happen, right? 🙂

  2. Great blog!! We have a small farm and are living the farm/ranch lifestyle. So glad I found your site!! Tina

  3. We are slowly making our way through planting. We still have some corn left to plant and lot of soybeans! Hopefully we’ll have sunshine after today so we can get back into the field!

    • Are you seeing sunshine today Val? We are approaching the 90 degree mark here in MO. Nice breeze and lots of sunshine. Do have our “fingers crossed” for a nice rain.

  4. Praying that your soy and corn fields grow heartily this season 🙂

  5. Beautiful shot of that open field with the tractor & planter. I miss my childhood in a rural area. I have always loved watching farm machines go back and forth, side to side in preparation for a future harvest. Happy Memorial Day.

    • Thank you Teresa for the kind comments and for stopping by. We are about to finish up with planting and will then move on to bailing hay for the cattle. As I am sure you remember, on the farm there is always something going on. 🙂

      I love your photography! A friend sent me your way to view your pictures and I can not get enough of them. Will be over to your blog again soon.

      Have a wonderful week!

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