Reality? Can it be found?

I will be the first to admit that I like reality shows.  Now, not ALL reality shows, but I have been known to watch the Amazing Race, Gold Rush, Swamp People, and yes. once upon a time even Survivor.  At first I was reluctant to get on the whole reality craze.  It is all staged right?  Maybe, maybe not, but there is something about watching people interact with each another and their environment.  One of the reasons that I am also a “people watcher”.  Ever been to a State Fair? That is epic people watching!

A few weeks back I had the wonderful chance to watch a new reality movie.  Yes, a reality movie.  (Officially it is a documentary, but I could not call it that because my girls were going too and they only know “movies”.  It is all in how you word it to a five-year-old. )  A movie with heart, compassion, depth and even some humor.  I sat glued to the screen because the individuals in it were telling their story.  THEIRS!  They were not actors and there was not a commentator.  Just the individuals telling us what it is they do and love in their own words.  There were moving images, breathtaking views, heart aches and even some tears.  In other words, I LOVED IT!

Best Movie Ever

(Here we are outside of the theater after watching this reality movie.  Kendall and I are in our “Best Movie Ever” poses and Tessa is trying to convey that she liked it, a bit.  Look at that ornery grin.)

The reality is that this movie was made to tell a story of a very unique group of individuals.  Individuals who pack up and leave their homes in early May to travel thousands of miles to not return home again until late fall.  Who would do this type of thing?  Gypsies?  No, well yes, but I am talking about the one and only Custom Wheat Harvester.  Who is that you are asking?  Before I say any more, here is the official movie trailer for what I feel is the Best Movie Ever, The Great American Wheat Harvest:

*Disclaimer time:  I was not asked to do this post and this is solely my opinion.  I am not a custom harvester nor do I own a movie company.  What I am is a fellow Agvocate who believes that stories like this need to be told and shared with the world.  So, I am sharing.

The movie follows the lives/reality of custom harvesters and harvesting.  You see the crews as they prep for, begin and complete harvest. There were no scripts, no changing of the weather or the course of the harvesters path.  In this film you see the REALITY of the life of a custom harvester.  From the joy of getting started, to the heartache when there is nothing to harvest.  From the friendships made between the harvesters and farm families, to the coming together in prayer to thank God for the opportunity to do what they love doing.  This film has it all.

Here are three of the custom harvesting crews you will meet:

Zeorian Family Harvesting:  Jim and Tracy, third generation custom harvesters from Nebraska, who run only one combine and rely on the help of their four daughters, the fourth generation.

JKD Harvesting:  Jim, a custom harvester from Kansas, has been harvesting since 1969.  He has a large crew that he hires and trains each spring before going out on the road in May.

Misener Family Harvesters:  A large family of harvesters from Oklahoma, who after the unexpected death of their father, continued the tradition and lifestyle of custom harvesting.

Each crew is different in not only the brand and age of equipment they use, but also in where they go and who they hire.  What I feel brings them all together is that they all LOVE what they do.  It was evident to me that they have a great love for not only the lifestyle, but the farmers, the towns, the crops and the country that they travel in.  At the end of the day it is all about getting the wheat harvested for the farmer.  The wheat that feeds America and the world.

Individuals of all ages will enjoy this film.  Be it the little boy who loves trucks and farm equipment, to the older gentlemen who remembers a simpler time, to the new wife who is not for sure what she is getting into. The story of a custom harvester is a riveting and wonderful story to watch. It is for everyone to see, not just farmers, ranchers and harvesters.  If you eat, then this movie is for you.

Not for sure where The Great American Wheat Harvest Movie will be showing?  Check the official FaceBook page for listings or contact your local theater.  The movie may not make it to your area, but you can order your copy now by clicking HERE.  We did travel 90 miles to watch the movie and again, it was worth it!

Reality?  Can it be found?  Yes!  In the The Great American Wheat Harvest .

Blessings to you and to the Custom Harvesters who are on the road harvesting,

Laurie – Country Link




15 comments on “Reality? Can it be found?

  1. Julie says:

    Great post. You really did a super job! 🙂 Glad you liked the movie!

  2. This sounds like such an interesting documentary. Thanks for sharing about it, I’m going to look into seeing it!

    • I really hope you get to Caitlin! I think you will really appreciate the images in the film being the great photographer that you are. The states they travel through are vastly different from where we both live, but they have a beauty all of their own. I have a few “favorite” things that I love seeing and watching wheat sway in the wind is one of them.
      All the best!

  3. Whoop Whoop!!!
    GREAT review, Miss Laurie! I’m so very glad you liked it – it does my heart good. Conrad did an OUTSTANDING job of putting our story together. I’m so proud of what he did and how it turned out. I can’t believe you drove 90 miles to see it. 🙂

    • Thanks Tracy! This is such a great film! It was worth the 90 miles, without a doubt. Would love to see it come closer to us though, you may have to help me with that. Okay? 🙂

      • Get Conrad’s contact information from the website and then call your movie theater with the information. Also give Conrad the name and contact info for your theater. Surely something can be worked out. Check out the Movie’s Facebook page for other theater ideas. I hope it does. I’ve seen it about 8 times and I still don’t get tired of it. The scenery is BEAUTIFUL! And…Jenna makes me sob every time!

      • I know!! I had a few “water in the eyes” moments, but there at the end, they were tears all of the way!

  4. Great review, I love standing in the middle of a wheat field, it’s awe inspiring and takes your breath away. Can’t wait to see it myself. Ho

  5. Laura Almond says:

    Mom and I love to people watch on our vacation at the State Fair!

  6. I ordered a copy of this and cannot wait for it to arrive.
    My husband and I love to do our travelling from the comfort of our own recliners. 😉 …and we absolutely love shows about farming.
    Thanks for sharing!

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