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With school back in swing, things have began to settle down here in the Country.  We have gotten some rain, some heat and our first baby calf of the calving season!  The calves are coming and with it comes hide and seek.

This week’s Country Fair Blog Party is going to be fun!  We are looking for your posts about anything COUNTRY!  Country kids, country crafts, country recipes or country living.  Do you wish for the country life?  Find great ideas and new blogs here at our link-up.  Come to the fair and bring your friends!

Now, on to last week’s winners!

*This week was full of great posts!  We had a hard time picking champions because they were all excellent!  If you have a chance go back and look at all of the posts that linked-up and you will see why we had such a hard time.

Winners from week #23:  (Click on the champions picture and it will take you to the post.)

county fair ribbon

AGRICULTURE:  Stray Kernels

“Thankfully, I find corn to be an endlessly fascinating topic.” – Rhodora

county fair ribbon

CANNING: Belong With Wildflowers

“Feast your eyes on these simple pickles that taste heavenly and take about five minutes to make.” – Caitlin

county fair ribbon

Country Fair Blog Party Link-up:  Mystery Loaf unveiled

FOOD:  Midwestern at Heart

“I thought I’d share how I made tonight’s meatloaf which was a bit different because I had to substitute ingredients I didn’t have for ingredients I did. Let me just say… YUM!” – Nicole

county fair ribbon

TRAVEL:  Nebraska Wheatie

“As the afternoon turned to early evening, I decided to venture out into the wide open spaces again. (It had been pretty darn hot!) So, I took a short walk just to see what I could see.” – Tracy

county fair ribbon

INDUSTRY: My Other More Exciting Self

“I write about some of the issues I work on in the office on a daily basis and hope that I also give you a better sense of what raising poultry means for the farmers I work for.” – Lara

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Now, time to join week #24.  Here is how you link up to the Country Fair Blog Party:

Click on the little blue frog at the bottom.

Add the specific post URL from one of your blog posts, not just our blog address.

Add your email address. (No worries!  No spam!)

Select a picture for your thumbnail.  (It helps if you already have your picture cropped with your blog name and post title.)

Click on Done and then share with your friends!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me


Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link

Country Fair Blog Party #24


6 comments on “COUNTRY FAIR BLOG PARTY #24

  1. Well…how much fun is this? Thanks for the votes!!! I love knowing that someone is enjoying my harvest “stories”. Thanks, Country Fair Blog!

  2. Reblogged this on Melody Balthaser and commented:
    My Friend Tracy Zeorian won Grand Champion in the travel category of the Country Fair Blog Tour contest for her blog post. Check it out!

  3. Wow, thank you so much for choosing me for the canning section! That is so sweet of you ❤

  4. It was a great post Caitlin and something that I think most did not even realize that you could do. Thank you for breaking it down for us! Be sure and add the champion ribbon to your post. 🙂

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