Farm Picture Friday #49 – Picking Up

Farm Picture Friday #49 by Country Link,

I can not take credit for this weeks Farm Picture Friday.  I was actually on the trailer stacking hay and did not have the camera.  Kendall, our 8-year-old was in the cab of the truck snapping away.  It is always fun to go back and look at what pictures the kids took.  What a complete surprise this one was!

She took this Tuesday night in the alfalfa field.  Gpa was just getting ready to pick up a small square bale of hay to then put on the trailer.  She captured him at just the right time getting ready to grasp the strings.  The evening rays are highlighting his back and you can see the rest of the field behind him.  I have used the kids pictures before as Farm Picture Fridays, but I think this one is my favorite.

Blessings to you and young photographers everywhere,

Laurie – Country Link


9 comments on “Farm Picture Friday #49 – Picking Up

  1. Anita Faubion says:

    Love to see how you find such wonderful comments for all of the pictures!! You make the COUNTRY LIFE have such wonderful meaning!! That is where my roots were formed! Precious memories !!

    • Thank you Anita! This picture will be added to the rest of my memories of being in the hay field with family. Now that the kids comes, it makes the work more enjoyable. Thank you so much for reading and stopping by.

  2. Emily Grace says:

    Laurie! The composition Kendall achieved here is just so lovely and well done! What a wonderful way to grow up playing with photography!

    Emily Grace

    • It is never to early to start, right! As she has gotten older she is able to hold the camera better and is loosing the “shake”. I will pass what you said on to her E.G.! I know she will love it.

  3. Wood, Patricia says:

    Good Job Kendall!

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