Why I Write

Two years ago I started this little blog called Country LINKed: where faith, family and farming meet.  To begin with I had no idea why I wanted to write other than the fact that I was being encouraged to tell our farming family’s story.  The response and feedback from this venture has been wonderful and at times over whelming.  I don’t take complements very well.  (I have no idea why!)  I really don’t, but I love to give them and try hard to encourage others and offer a kind word when I can.

When my lovely friend Julie from Pushing Forward with Grace asked me to participate in this Why I Write blog series, I quickly told her yes without really thinking about what I had committed too.  Julie asked me to do it and I was not going to say no.  (If anyone else would have asked me I would have said no, but Julie and I have a wonderful relationship as virtual sisters and I did not want to disappoint her.)  The more I thought about this project, the more I began to realize that Julie had indeed given me a gift by asking me to do this.  She could have chosen any of the many bloggers she has connected with, but she chose me.  ME!  A little farm gal/mama/wife who just wants to share what it is like being a farming family.  Thank you Julie for asking me to do this!  I hope I don’t disappoint.

I was given four questions to answer about Why I Write.  Along with writing I also love to take pictures and find that the pictures often inspire my writing.  Do to the fact that I tend to do things my way, does not make it right, just mine, I will also talk about photography and why I chose to invest so much time in it.  Here we go!

Why do I write what I write?

Tessa and Kitty

Every day I am blessed to be able to live, work and play on the family farm with those who I love.  I get to breath in the fresh air and watch the changing of the seasons.  I get to see baby calves being born and see my children’s faces light up as they run and explore in wide open spaces.  For me this is exactly where I what to be.  Others may not have the opportunity to see or do what I get to do, but they can come and visit my blog any time they want to read my words and see the pictures that I take.  For me writing and photography is all about sharing what farm life is like.  I started my blogging journey knowing that we as a family get to do some pretty neat things.  We of course have our struggles and heartaches, but when you get to witness the miracle of God’s creation every single day, you want to share that wonder and beauty with others. This is also one of the reasons I have my camera with me all of the time.  I take great joy in catching the little moments in life that make living great. Be it my daughters holding baby kittens, to my son showing his pigs at the county fair, it is the little things that make the best memories and I want to capture that.

How does my writing process work?

FPF #7 - Windmill

Process………………….well……………I am not for sure that I have one.  I am a list maker and a note taker, but when it comes to my writing I am very organic.  If the words are there then I type.  If they are not, then I wait for them to come.  I have learned that when my writing is forced, it is not as good.  When I am writing for others, the words do not come as easily either.  My photography does influence my writing.  Many times I will be taking pictures and realize that right in front of me is a story. Other times I am writing and don’t have a picture that captures what I am saying so I wait until the picture presents itself to have a completed story.  The main thing for me is to love what I am writing about.  If I don’t have a passion for it, then it will not be on my blog.


How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

hauling hay

As an agriculture blogger I focus on family, day-to-day activities and the work that we do on the farm.  I don’t talk about hot topics and I don’t press issues. Others do that and do a very good job at it.   I keep my words light and easy to follow and leave the technical talk to the experts.  I want to offer a connection to ones roots and simpler times.  I also use LOTS of pictures.  I use my pictures to not only capture a moment, but to also evoke an emotion in the one seeing the photo for the first time. Good photography is simple.  Great photography takes time, talent and knowledge.  All things that I  strive for when it comes to photography and making my blog different from others.


What am I writing/working on right now?

Winter Coat 102

I have a Farm Picture Friday that I try to do every week and I am a c0-host for a Country Fair Blog Party that is also once a week.  I have many plans for posts, but don’t always have the words or the time, so they go unwritten.  The ideas that I do have I keep to myself.   When I do have a plan, and that is not often, I like to have everything done before I share.  I am always working to improve my photography skills.  I like to learn by doing, so I will play with the settings on my camera and just have fun seeing what all I can “teach” my camera.


That, my friends is Why I Write.  Now it is my pleasure to introduce you to Danielle from one of my very favorite blogs, High Heels & Shotgun Shells.  Danielle’s writing always brings a smile to my face and usually a tear to my eye (which is a good thing!).  She is a lovely young women who has fabulous style, a great sense of humor and is a very talented photographer.  Look for Danielle’s post about Why She Writes in the weeks to come.


As a kid, Danielle Beard Hayden grew up living a little bit of everywhere — from the metropolis of New Orleans, the suburbs of Tulsa and finally, rural northeast Oklahoma. Realizing rural America is where she truly belonged, she decided to make it her life’s work. Now, Danielle resides with her husband in northwest Kentucky on their newly formed cattle operation, occasionally venturing over to her in-law’s farm to teeter inside their chicken houses or to photo stalk their farm manager (her husband) as he works cows.

Professionally, Danielle is a freelance agriculture writer and photographer. Personally, you can find her blogging at HighHeelsandShotgunShells.com where she writes about her life and uses her urban-turned-rural upbringing to teach agriculture in a way she hopes any reader can relate too.
Blessings to you and to all who write,
Laurie – Country Link
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7 comments on “Why I Write

  1. Laurie, Many thanks that you said YES! I am flattered and care for you deeply my virtual sister! I Love the excellent way you wrote this piece! Great job and I look forward to continuing to follow you and your families journey! God bless ya!

  2. Many thanks to you again for asking me to do this Julie! It was a joy to do. Blessings to you!

  3. Nicole says:

    Nicely Written!! (My last post came up something weird…

  4. Alison Durheim says:

    I really enjoyed this article. I can tell that you take pride in what you do and how you grew up and I greatly appreciate your ability to write it all down and publish it on a website so those that didn’t get the chance to grow up through rural America can create a mental picture. I have grown up through agriculture and livestock my whole life also and I love finding articles I can correlate with that help me to sharpen my writing skills and how to use my voice effectively so that all can enjoy it. Thank-you for taking the time to write this article and post the phenomenal photos!

  5. […] the changing of the seasons to the change in routine, now seemed like a good time to reflect on my blogging journey and the look of the blog.  We all evolve and change so why not a blog?  Welcome to the changed […]

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