My Favorite Five for November – CFBP

November Favorites Post for Country Fair Blog Party 2014

On what happens to be a very chilly November day, I am looking through all of the blog posts that have been added so far to the November Country Fair Blog Party and I am once again amazed at the array and talent of all of the bloggers who have linked-up.

We have a blogger who lives in Australia!  We have a blogger who lives within a hour of me.  We have a blogger who is writing a series on adoption.  We have bloggers who must be FANTASTIC cooks because their recipes look FANTASTIC!  We have bloggers who are Thankful!  And we have bloggers who are also very giving.

Here are my Favorite Five/Grand Champion Ribbon Winners for November: (Click on the picture to go to the blog post.  Click on the name under the picture to go to the blog.)

county fair ribbon

Release Ministries

GIVING: Release Ministries

“Isn’t this like God – long suffering, patient, filled with loving kindness? I almost lost out on a precious gift, sent by God to heal my heart and bring me something I didn’t know I needed. A companion, a healer, a best friend.” – Susan

county fair ribbon

Hasekamps of Tulip - Thankfulness: Head, Heart, Hands and Health

THANKFULNESS: Hasekamps of Tulip

“As I prepare for tonight’s meeting and juggling all that makes up our busy life, I am ALWAYS thankful that 4-H is one of those things in it.” – Kathy

county fair ribbon

This Farm Family's Life - Harvest Time.....

AGRICULTURE/FARMING: This Farm Family’s Life

“Even though we have had a pretty major hiccup this fall, there are still things to be thankful for: the yields this year are good.  We didn’t experience a drought this summer and we haven’t had any personal injuries.” – Sarah

county fair ribbon

Dirt Under My Fingernails - Role Models

FAMILY:  Dirt Under My Fingernails

“And my mother in law takes her joys on a daily basis….her priorities are clear; life, love, and laughter trump order, and everything can wait for tomorrow if there are grandkids to cuddle. “ – Julie

county fair ribbon

Food & Swine - Top Secret Kettle Corn

SNACKS: Food & Swine 

“This is the fluffiest popcorn with a delicate crisp sugar coating and a hint of salt.  It is the perfect snack, if you ask me and is exactly like the kettle corn you can buy at the Farmer’s Market, which is stirred in giant drums with a wooden paddle.” – Cristen

There you have it!  My Favorite Five for the month of November.  Be sure to come back in December for the next Link-up.  The December theme will be: Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Have fun with this one!

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link



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