October Country Fair Blog Party

Country Fair Blog Party by Country LINKedWelcome to the October edition of the Country Fair Blog Party! We are in full harvest swing here. So far things are running good and we are making a “dent” in the corn acres. I have been able to be in the combine more this corn harvest then the previous two. (Go Me!) Gpa’s presence was requested at the school for Grandparent Days this week, so I was handed the reins to keep things going. I kept things rolling, but still have a way to go before I can shell as fast and as efficiently as Gpa or my husband. Now, beans, I am much better at cutting them. Have you ever watched a combine in motion across a field? It really is a sight to see, especially when they come to the end of the row and make a turn. As big as combines are, they can move with such ease in the filed. Not so much on the blacktops and highways, so if you see equipment on the road, PLEASE slow down and give them room.

On to last months Purple Ribbon winners! Did you see the September Blog Party? It really does get harder and harder to choose my favorites. If at any time you see one that you think is Purple Ribbon quality, let me know by leaving a comment.

Here are my September Purple Ribbon Winners:

county fair ribbon

Little Blog on the Homestead – Emergency Kit for your College Dorm

“So whether you’re going away to school yourself, or are sending off your loved one this Dorm Room Emergency Kit will help get them through the possible emergencies they might encounter!” – Nicole

county fair ribbon

Devastate Boredom – How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

“This series is for non-models and other “normal” females, who like to look good without spending ridiculous amounts of time and money on it.  Hence the “rest of us” in the title.” – Sarah

county fair ribbon

Dirt Under My Fingernails – From Scratch

“But a well worn recipe is family history…and legacy. Every time we cook a dish that begins with ‘Mom’s’ or ‘Grandma’s’, we reinforce the memories of our common past and honor all the backs of envelopes and dog eared recipe cards stuck inside the stained and sticky pages of the church cookbooks.” – Julie

Just like a local Country Fair, we have friends, food, family, farming, animals, crafts, cooking and comedy!

Be sure and check the link to this month’s blog party to see what great blogs link up. If you are a blogger, then please link up to three of your posts. It does not have to be new, just one you love or one that you want to share.

Blessings to you,

Laurie – Country Link

Be sure and check out my lovely co-hosts blogs! www.countrylinked.wordpress.com

Jan of Tip Garden  Nicole of Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom  Val of Corn, Beans, Kids and Pigs

October Country Fair Link-Up

3 comments on “October Country Fair Blog Party

  1. Jenn P. says:

    Laurie, I appreciate that you stopped by to leave me a lovely comment today! Thanks for hosting…see you again next time!

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