February Country Fair Blog Party

Country Fair Blog Party by Country LINKedWelcome to the February edition of the Country Fair Blog Party! Please take a minute to look over all of the great linkups from January. Once again our bloggers did not disappoint! They shared with us their top posts from 2015, plans and thoughts on the new year, more great recipes and pictures of cute barnyard animals. You CAN find it all at the Country Fair!

Here are my Purple Ribbon Winners from the January Linkup. (Yes, there are a lot of recipes this time. Yes, they all looked fantastic!)

county fair ribbon


Of Kids and CowsHomemade Marshmallows
For those of you unfamiliar with homemade marshmallows, you’re in for a treat. They are nothing like the store bought variety. Soft, pillowy and flavorful best describe this little delights.” – Jodi

county fair ribbon

Tasty, light and creamy mocha cheesecake.

BlogdaciousLight & Creamy Mocha Cheesecake
“For this recipe, I opened up the Steele family cookbook and found a classic vanilla cheesecake recipe and just modified it to be what I wanted.” – Chantal

county fair ribbon


Just Plain LivingLiving Without Refrigeration
The first step to going fridge-less, no matter where you live, is going to be seasonal, local eating. The more seasonal and the more local, the better.” – Marie

county fair ribbon


Diaries From the Dirt RoadGerman Chocolate Cake
“I recently learned that German Chocolate Cake does not originate from the country Germany but rather a man by the name of Samuel German who formulated the bittersweet blend of chocolate that they use!”  – Erin

Just like a local Country Fair, we have friends, food, family, farming, animals, crafts, cooking and comedy!

Be sure and check the link to this month’s blog party to see what great blogs link up. If you are a blogger, then please link up to three of your posts. It does not have to be new, just one you love or one that you want to share.

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link


www.countrylinked.wordpress.comBe sure and check out my lovely co-hosts blogs!
Jan of Tip Garden  Nicole of Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom  Val of Corn, Beans, Kids and Pigs


7 comments on “February Country Fair Blog Party

  1. Erin says:

    Thanks for picking my post!! Can’t wait to read some of the other posts people shared!

  2. […] February Country Fair blog party! […]

  3. Adriane Heins says:

    I’m over here trying to lose baby weight and you’re posting these delicious recipes?? Waaaa! 🙂

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