March Country Fair Blog Party

Country Fair Blog Party by Country LINKed

Welcome to the March edition of the Country Fair Blog Party! Please take a minute to look over some of the blog posts linked up in February. You will find more recipes, art, book reviews and great photography! You CAN find it all at the Country Fair!

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The basics of egg nutrition | via #incredibleeggs #womeninag

My Other More Exciting Self – The Basics of Egg Nutrition
I’m here to tell you that whatever eggs you pick, you’re getting an excellent source of protein and other nutrients. You really can’t go wrong and a simple comparison of two egg brands will show you that an egg really is an egg.” – Lara

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Green Grass Girl – Confessions of a Rookie Farm Wife
They say confession is good for the soul. I’m a rookie farm wife, and I need to do some confessing:” – Rachel

county fair ribbon

The Stories I MeetSpring in Huasna Valley
And I’ll never believe that heaven could be anything other than this: sleek cattle on rolling hills blanketed by new grass, the murmur of water bubbling over rocks in the river, and a meal under the oak trees after a hard day’s work.” – Katie

Just like a local Country Fair, we have friends, food, family, farming, animals, crafts, cooking and comedy!

Be sure and check the link to this month’s blog party to see what great blogs link up. If you are a blogger, then please link up to three of your posts. It does not have to be new, just one you love or one that you want to share.

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link


Be sure and check out my lovely co-hosts blogs!

Jan of Tip Garden  Nicole of Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom  Val of Corn, Beans, Kids and Pigs

7 comments on “March Country Fair Blog Party

  1. Cool idea! I just added some links.

  2. Laurie, thanks so much for sharing my post! 🙂 -Rachel @

  3. MNGobbleGal says:

    Thanks for the purple ribbon this month! Always fun to share and read all the blogs for the Country Fair Blog Party, Laurie!

  4. […] are so happy that you are here. Please take a minute to look over all of the great linkups from the March linkup. We had everything from recipes, to craft projects, to how to buy a bull, to fitness tips. You find […]

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