Mama’s Journal Day 1

Today I have been cleaning our bathroom shower. When I am cleaning I tend to think. Now, yes, I do think all of the time. As a women and a mama my brain hardly ever shuts down, but the cleaning type of thinking is different. I process things differently when I am cleaning. It probably has to do with the fact that I don’t like cleaning and thinking things through and really processing them makes the task go faster. Or so it seems.

Take this shower that I am cleaning. It should of been done a week or so ago, but I kept putting it off and off. Now I am to the point where every little square inch of the thing is going to be so clean you don’t want to take a shower so that there is no way that soap scum can make a reappearance clean. With that type of cleaning comes thoughts. Lots of thoughts.

One of those thoughts was sitting down and just writing every few days here on the blog. Just sitting the timer and writing for 30 minutes and seeing where it takes me. You see I was looking back at old blog posts yesterday and noticed that I don’t write any more. Oh sure, I have blog posts and pictures and words, but not the writing that I used to do. When did I stop doing that? When did I stop writing about just about our everyday lives and the things that we do as a family? When did I start worrying about every little word and phrase and how it would be construed? I will have to tackle more shower scrubbing to get to the bottom of those questions, but for now my cleaning thoughts came up with Mama’s Journal and today is my first entry.

With my feet smelling like vinegar and a shower half way to the cleanest it has EVER been, I stopped for 30 minutes so that I could get some of the deep cleaning thoughts out of my head and on my computer. Now this journal is not going to happen every day, but I do hope to get back to the reason I started this blogging adventure; to write and to share our sometimes crazy, never dull, farming life with others. Does not matter if that is only three people or 3000 people. This Country Mama is going to write again!!

Don’t worry, there will still be some of all of the other stuff and pictures too. This is just a little something for me and that, my friends, is why one should write in the first place.

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link



4 comments on “Mama’s Journal Day 1

  1. Happy March to you and keep clean!

  2. jan says:

    ’bout time! Glad you picked up your pen keyboard i mean! Jan

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