Mama’s Journal – Mama Cows

It is not very often that I am woken up in the middle of the night. I tend to get my 7-8 hours of sleep every night and have for years. So when I am woken up in the middle of the night by sounds coming from outside my window, it tends to set one back a bit.

Let me start by taking you back further in time. When my husband and I were dating, I brought him home to the parents one weekend and showed him a piece of land and said, “I will build a house here some day and live”. Fast forward to 2009 and the breaking ground of our house in about the exact spot I said I would have a home one day. The importance of this is that before there was a house here for me to live in…..the cows had the run of the place. Really. There was about 50 acres for them roam across and rotational paddocks to keep them in certain areas at certain times, but in all, they had the run of the place. Then we came along and changed things. Really changed things for the mama cows.

They still have lots of area to roam around in and they still have their paddocks, though this time of year the calves tend to ignore the electric fence and go where they please, but now there is a fence. A fence that separates them from our yard. A fence that is only 20 yards behind our house. A fence that all 30 of the mama’s collected at last night and had a very loud group meeting. A VERY LOUD gathering of the cows. Now, I know what you are thinking, “was there something wrong?”, or “was someone lost or had a calf gotten out?”. Let me assure you that they were all fine. Can you take a guess as to which mama was not? One guess.

Being that we live right in the middle of what used to be part of their pasture, I get it. They have their spots. Just a bit further to the north of where they were last night is where they have the calf nursery. The spot where when the calves are very little they will bring them too, make them stay, and then the mama’s will go out to pasture to eat. The behavior of the baby calves from birth to about 3 months is AMAZING! They are the BEST behaved children you will ever see. They listen to their mama’s and if they don’t, mama comes running! So I get it. Right outside our bedroom window is the spot. The meeting spot. The VERY LOUD meeting spot.

Now I can only guess that there may of been a coyote in the neighborhood and it had them worked up a bit. The dog was outside and I heard him barking as well. I appreciate that fact with these mama cows. They came together, right outside my window, but they came together and let others know that something was going on. VERY LOUDLY they discussed what was going on.

With this slight interruption in sleep last night, I was up early this morning getting the kids off to school, starting the laundry, putting away clean dishes and getting in my 30 minutes of writing. Who am I to hold a few minutes of lost sleep against a group of cows? I would not hear of it! Now it it happens again tonight…….

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link






2 comments on “Mama’s Journal – Mama Cows

  1. Myla says:

    LOL!!! Momma cows. Bless their hearts! If women get together and get all sorts of chatty, it’s a Hen Cackle. If cows do it is it a Cow Cackle??? Sweet dreams!

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