Mama’s Journal – Bull crap…

Here on our farm we only have mature working bulls for a few months. They are “cleanup” bulls that we lease to use after the cows are artificially inseminated. (A.I.) If you A.I. your cattle, you are going to need cleanup bulls. For more on this see my post, “Romance is Gone”.

Crap is here on the farm ALL OF THE TIME. As this is a full disclosure type of post, I am telling you that if you step on this farm, you might indeed just step in it. Literally.

Now bull crap on the other hand, or in the case of yesterday actually on my hand, is a bit rare. The bulls come to us in December, do their work, and then head back to their home in March. As a term of this lease, we needed to take them to the veterinarian and have them retested and DNA taken before they could be picked back up. That was my job today. Hauling the bulls to and from the vet’s. Oh, and their crap.

Why am I mentioning this? Again this is a full disclosure post and I am letting you know that bulls have a lot of crap. Literally. It was all over the inside of the trailer, on the outside and because they were in the trailer together, it was on them. It was especially on their tails and that is where the DNA sample comes from. And who’s job was it to pull tail hairs? (Two guesses and the first does not count.)

Really, this is no big deal and I have actually pulled lots of tail hairs. Each year when the calves are of age and have made the “list”, I pull tail hairs and put tattoos in their ears before they can be sold. (I just realized I need to add tattoo artist and DNA collection specialist to my list of abilities! I will give you a complete list one of these days.)

If it is no big deal then why mention bull crap in the first place? Do to the fact that it was not only on the inside of the trailer, the outside of the trailer and on them, but also all over me. I was trying really hard to be careful! I really was because of where I was needing to stop after the bulls were done being tested. What to take a guess as to where I was going next?

Did you guess the Bank? You could of guessed Wal-Mart and the bank happens to be right next to one, but I have a feeling no one would of really given me a second look there. So, yes, I was needing to stop at the very bank that we were at on Saturday morning getting things lined out for this crop year. I was needing to meet with the very banker I gladly shook hands with on Saturday when we arrived and left, and today neither one of us extended our hands in this customary greeting.

It could of just been me, but I have a feeling it had to do with the bull crap.

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link





4 comments on “Mama’s Journal – Bull crap…

  1. Larry Strohbeck says:

    LOL….That’s really cute, Laurie. Been there….done that….no way around it. Maybe you need to wear your bathing suit, install an outside shower and schedule the banker for later in the day….lol. Just sayin’.

  2. Adriane Heins says:

    Ha! You are a trooper. 🙂

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