April Country Fair Blog Party

Country Fair Blog Party by Country LINKed Welcome to the April Country Fair Blog Party ! We are so happy that you are here. Please take a minute to look over all of the great linkups from the March linkup. We had everything from recipes, to craft projects, to how to buy a bull, to fitness tips. You find it all at the Country Fair!

Here are my Purple Ribbon Winners from the March Country Fair:

county fair ribbon

Vickie’s Kitchen and Garden – Chocolate Gravy

Growing up in a family from the South, Chocolate Gravy was a staple in our diet at least once a week.   It was our Saturday morning breakfast.   While other kids were begging for waffles, we were begging for Chocolate Gravy!” – Vickie

county fair ribbon

10 Easy Seedling Starters. Are you starting your seeds this season before they go in the ground? check out these 10 ideas for easy seedling starters.

Little Blog on the Homestead – 10 Easy Seedling Starters

When it comes to my seedling starters I prefer options that I can make or reuse rather than buying those plastic seedling starters from the store.” – Nicole

county fair ribbon

Dirt Under My Fingernails – By the People

 “To be twelve is to be old enough not just to learn historical facts, but to begin to feel a sense of history, to appreciate the past and compare it to the present.  To touch and visit our landmarks and monuments; to meet, even briefly, those who represent us and govern our country, is to become a participant in our nation, not a bystander, and thus to help bear the burden of the past and future.” – Julie

Just like a local Country Fair, we have friends, food, family, farming, animals, crafts, cooking and comedy!

Be sure and check the link to this month’s blog party to see what great blogs link up. If you are a blogger, then please link up to three of your posts. It does not have to be new, just one you love or one that you want to share.

Blessings to you,
Laurie – Country Link



Be sure and check out my lovely co-hosts blogs!

Jan of Tip Garden  Nicole of Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom  Val of Corn, Beans, Kids and Pigs

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